Friday, January 1, 2010

First Black Sex Party

Last night, I went to the Milk Chocolate NYC party. They're open to all races, with the majority of attendees being Black, so to try something new, that had a pre-party that was "Bruthas-only", then the regular members came in after 9 PM.

I got there after 8 o'clock, and I walked into one of the rooms, and saw these 3 guys making out. I stood nearby, to see if I would get invited to join in. I turns out I was. And boy, was I. One guy was giving a blowjob, while the other 2 started groping me.  One tall, light-complexion and fit, the other was muscular and darker like my color or a tad darker. The lighther one started making out with me, I started feeling his ass (I cannot resist a grope of the ass), then he put me in front of him. That's when the muscular guy got a piece of me. The muscular guy and I started kissing. I started feeling his muscles as he grabbed my ass. With all them muscles I knew that if he fucked me, I had better get a good pounding or I was going to be quite disappointed. But he didn't get to me just yet.

The lighter one got a condom, and bent me over on the bed. I lubed up my tight hole, so he could glide in easy. He started fucking me, and while he was getting his cock sucked, the muscular guy was cheering him on. In those instances, that usually turns into a situation where if the guy cheering hasn't shot a load yet, then he wants a turn. And that's exactly what happened.

The lighter guy stops, and I raised my head for about a minute to brace myself for the muscular guy's longer and thicker cock. And remember, I said if he didn't put those muscles to work that I would be quite disappointed. Well, I'm here to inform you that he did not.

The muscular guy first fucked me doggy-style like the lighter & toned guy did, then he put me further on the bed, to put me on my stomach. The room was dimly lit, but I could see the shadows of the voyeurs closing in because the sounds of that muscular groin slamming into into my bubble ass caught their attention. Then he turned me on my side with one of my legs resting on his shoulder. Then I was able to see how the loud slaps of groing-to-ass made guys walking pass the room start coming in to watch. He changed my position again to having me completely on my back. You know I love that, as I played with his nipples which he loved, and I reached to feel his muscular ass flex as he slammed into mine. He then picked me up off the bed. Still with his cock inside me, and proceeded to fuck me standing up, as I held him around his neck. It looked like something that should have been in a movie, but sadly it wasn't. And this started in less than 15 minutes after my arrival.

This guy was my type of fuck. A guy that made me write "Porn Directors, Get Thee To A Sex Party". He saw the ass he wanted to plow, and once he got it, he didn't give a damn about how he plowed it, or who saw him plow it. No inhibitions! I LOVE IT! After all, it is a sex party.

I had anal sex with only 3 people that night. The 2 from the tag-team, and a reunion with a big Russian from my past when the regular members were let in, who ended up fucking me twice - and like a savage, just like old times. But before that reunion and since at the party, I did have some oral with a few of the other Black guys there.

I was apprenhensive about going to this party, because I feel this type of environment usually contributes to separatism. Unfortunately, based on what I recently experienced at another party that I used to frequent (and is supposed to be open to all), at least for now, I fear a few environments like this may be needed. Because at this other party I used to frequent, I saw Blacks so often turned away and/or ignored by Whites that they were practically forced to play with other Blacks (or else they got no play at all), and Asians were reduced to only fluffers and wallflowers, showing racism and separatism in the gay community here to be all too real.

This was a new frontier for me. It wasn't Black men shoved down my throat like in some of the movies I've done. This was me putting myself in the position to be sexual with other Black men of my own free will. It was my call to say, "I like that face, and that body, and I want a piece of it". You know they say hindsight is 20/20. I didn't think about the fact that they were other Black men, nor did I realize I was disproving any of the beliefs that I was still racist against other Black men until after the party. And while I'm not one for single race scenarios in a propagated melting pot like NYC, I was happy enough with the outcome that I'm looking forward to another helping should one come about.

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