Thursday, January 7, 2010

Write That Down #10

This is not out of arrogance, but I know that I am a beautiful MAN 1st, then a beautiful BLACK MAN 2nd. So when I sound off about being irked by the racism from White gay nightlife promoters, porn and other media producers, and their patrons, it's not because I need to get re-assured of that beauty. God does that for me everyday he allows me to wake up. It's because their lack of  Black staffers shows how so many White Americans are still threatened by the fact of how light is not always right, because dark can be lovely, too.

Between a friend's recent exchange with a NYC party promoter, and part of my experience during my lust-filled post slated for tomorrow, I felt this needed to be said. I hope it inspires many Blacks who are in doubt about their beauty because of those narrow-minds, to doubt it no more.

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