Monday, January 11, 2010

Safer-Sex Reality, Barebacking Fantasy

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or are friends of mine on Facebook may recall seeing this recent update:

New Year's resolution for my blog - stop hiding the TRUE raunch of my fantasies to be politically correct with the world's reality.

I'm going to use this blog post to explain what I meant by that, and I'm sure some of you are not going to like it. And to many of you who don't, I'll say right now that for most of you, it's out of sheer hypocrisy that you won't like it.

What I meant by saying that I was going to "stop hiding the TRUE raunch of my fantasies" is the fact that while for real life encounters, I advise safer-sex practices, my fantasies however are mostly bareback. So I have decided to show that in my writings here. When I speak of a real-life encounter, I will tell of my safer-sex practices with all the raunch before, during and after the fact (from every dick I licked, to every hole I poked, to every cheek I squeeze, etc.) but when I tell of a fantasy, I will tell of all the raunch my imagination can muster which may include barebacking in that fantasy.

Some of you may ask why I am making this change. It is because I have been feeling like one of the types of people I hate most when I write my fantasies for you - a hypocrite. Because even with HIV and STDs being the reality that they are in our lives, the fact is that our fantasies is a way to escape that. It is a natural gift for us to escape that harsh fact. So for the new year, I decided, WE ARE ALL ADULTS HERE, so why put reins on my fantasies, which thereby makes you put reins of yours, when because it's a fantasy, you don't necessarily need to. And if you feel people need to, then that is your hypocrisy and/or a clear sign of YOUR mental shrotcoming where you can't separate a fantasy in your head from the reality of what you need to do for yourself in the real world.

Before anyone is tries to compare what I'm about to do with this blog to making barebacking porn, you need to check yourself here. Because the fantasies I present here are written word. In barebacking porn, actors are people who are actually put through the task of barebacking by a director's orders. By my doing a written word fantasy, you could put a disclaimer that says, "No humans were put at risk during the making of this fantasy". And if you try saying that my writing may influence people to bareback, then I'll go back to what I said earlier, WE ARE ALL ADULTS HERE, and this blog is made for adult reading. Therefore, if I say the tale that I'm telling is a fantasy, it is then the adult reader's responsibility to him/herself to take it as such, and because of the reality of our lives that are HIV and other STDs, practice safer-sex in the real world for the sake of keeping their negative status, and not spreading it to others should they be positive.

What I have stated here by no means changes my support of barebacking porn's existence. I will admit that I often considered doing barebacking porn myself should I be able to do it with someone I knew well enough. While I do have such people in my life, I decided not to because I entered the porn industry with the intention of being symbolic of someone who has newly discovered their sexuality and is proud of it, and making fans questioning their orientation see my content and do the same for themselves. With that in mind, plus knowing this blog helped to create that fanbase, I knew that some fans would follow me to whatever genre of porn I moved on to, the same way many of you have followed me out of porn, so I didn't feel it was a good move as a sexual role model to go from one porn genre (condom-porn) that requires little explanation, to another genre (barebacking) where the behind-the-scenes details would be so much more complicated (at least for me) to explain to my fans that I've always been so open and honest with as to why I made that transition, thereby sending a mixed message to fans. Especially younger ones who are not aware of all the joys and (even more kept secret) the dangers that  may come with displaying your sexuality. If I was to make such a move now, it would be a different story. But such a thing has yet to happen, nor is it in the works. So I'll address that matter IF it should ever happen.

With this new year, I plan on being more real than you already know me to be. And that allows you to be more real with yourself. Are you ready for this? I hope you are, as I promise to make this year the most sexy, thrilling, compelling, and enlightening one yet.

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