Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Taste For Chocolate...Your Dirty Little Secret

I am seeing more and more in the American gay community, White men in positions of power in the entertainment field where they can easily combat racism by being real with the public by showing the fact that away from their entertainment post...


Part what provoked my post "TO ALL NYC GAY NIGHTLIFE PROMOTERS..." is the fact that I know some of these promoters that while Black men are just a dot (if at all) existent in their go-go boy and staff roster, they are quick to taste the chocolate, be it white, semi-sweet, milk, or dark when they are away from their title of party promoter. I also know this to be true of some porn producers, directors, and actors as well. And I am here to tell you that whatever section of the entertainment field you're in, because you make your attraction to Blacks your "dirty little secret"...


Because you are catering to RACISM. Why should I not only as a Black man, but as a human being respect you while knowing such a thing about you?!

You can try giving the excuse of "that's what sells" all you want. Well Bitch, talk to your own asshole, because neither my face nor my hand want to hear it, as my whole body is too intellectually sound to tolerate that bullshit you are trying to sell to me.

Centuries after slavery, and decades after segregation, this country is STILL divided, especially in the gay community. And you party promoters, gay porn industry people, magazine owners and staffers, etc. have the power to bring us to where we should be, yet you let a delusion of what makes more money be what guides your decisions. Truth be told, catering to racism makes more money ONLY if the majority of products you produce cater to it.

So my question to the aforementioned people in power is, if you claim you're not a racist, yet you produce a racist product, then what does that make you? Don't bother answering, because I'll tell you. It makes you:

1) a bigger fool than the racists you're making a product for, because as one of my favorite self-created quotes states, "the follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original"; and that makes you
2) a racist as well, because only a racist plays along with a racist's mindset. A REAL man is not a racist, therefore makes an OPEN stand against it for all the world to see. Therefore 1 and 2 makes you
3) a sell-out to humanity.

The guilt of such actions may very well explain the all-too-familiar stigma of drug and alcohol abuse that the gay entertainment scene is known for.

Just because I've been getting on those in power in gay entertainment with most of this post, that doesn't mean that those Whites not in a position of power are exonerated from my wrath. For there are a great many White "Avergae Joes" that I have encountered who take a liking to me and other men of color that gives birth to obvious sexual tension that may even lead to something more if they let it. HOWEVER, for the sake of appearances, they take with the safe bet of another White man to avoid ostracizing by so-called friends and/or family. Truth be told AGAIN, if your so-called friends and/or family were worth a damn, they would not care. But since you were dumb enough to cater to their insolence, you have now showed the same 3 aforementioned things about yourself that catering to racism says about those in power in gay entertainment.

In closing, I'd like to respond to the comments I received on Facebook from Brian Mills and Corey Corey in response to "TO ALL NYC GAY NIGHTLIFE PROMOTERS..." saying how I should name the names of guilty parties. I did respond there, but let me respond here in more detail as to why I feel no need to do so. In my posts (past and present) addressing the flaws in the gay porn industry, I was dealing with people who calling out their racist products by name (including those produced here on the East Coast), is the closest I can get to addressing them and their troublesome ways since I was unable to look them in the eye, and let them face me with their guilt by looking me in mine, because practically all the guilty parties wouldn't dare face me. So their becoming irate was the closest I could come to metaphorically make these (mostly doped-up, some Botox-faced) chicken shits look me in the eye after the fact.

In nightlife however, some of these guilty parties have hugged me, kissed me, offered to suck, fuck and/or be fucked by me and/or some of my Black friends. Until now, they have never known the depths of my feelings of disrespect for their very existence, once I came to realize that they live a life where a tryst with us would be considered their "dirty little secret". And not because of our positions, but because of the color of our darker skin.

Now, that I am putting the truth of my emotions out there, this is me saying to them - The next time we're face to face...LOOK ME IN MY EYES THEN!!!!


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