Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making The Advocate

Last month I made a comment at in response to their article, "Porn Panic!", talking about the effects of the recession on the gay porn industry. It has been told to me by a number of sources now that my comment has made it's way into the print version of The Advocate's June issue. I'm am getting a copy of that TODAY.

Talk about a 2-for-1 deal. I get to see (1)my words in print, and (2)a cutey like Dustin Lance Black on the cover. All for the price of 1 magazine. SWEET!

If you don't read The Advocate, or want to try scrolling down the page of the website to find the comment, I've copied and pasted it for you below:

This may surprise many for me to say this if they don't know of my blog and that I am a porn actor myself, but I have often said on my blog that this recession is causing the big studios justice for the racism and ageism that they've practiced. I shed no tears for them. This is exactly what studios like Falcon, Hot House, Raging Stallion, Lucas Entertainment, etc. deserve for overcharging the sale of a racist product in of all places, the USA. Some studios are trying to use men of color now, for the sheer purpose of tapping in to that customer demographic that they've spent so much time ignoring. My question is that if that plan works, once the recession is over and should business pick up, will they go to their old racist pattern?

The fact that I named names of guilty parties should not be a surprise to you. Nor should it surprise you (just like it doesn't surprise me) that by making that statement, I will be ruffling quite a few feathers amongst these studios and their supporters. After all, let's face it ----- the truth hurts. However, THE TRUTH WOULDN'T HURT IF THEY WERE DOING THE RIGHT THING IN THE 1ST PLACE.


  1. Tre couldn't you also say:

    "trying to use white men now, for the sheer purpose of tapping in to that customer demographic that they've spent so much time ignoring."

    about FlavaWorks now that they just signed a white boy as an exclusive?

  2. Anonymous,

    Are you really that naive? Gullible? STUPID?!

    The separatism that exist in the American porn industry most likely would not exist had the big name porn companies shown the variety within this country in the 1st place, instead of tokenizing minorities.

    When the other side retaliates, INITIALLY they are going to go to the same extreme of racism. FlavaWorks represents the underdog in this situation, so for them to make a move of including the race less featured is an admirable one. The big names who have been around longer, therefore should have been including all races more from the start, to make the move now is a sign of them being shady.

    I admit 2 wrongs don't make a right, but you can't honestly tell me that you can't see that this problem of leaving the other race out started from companies like the one I mentioned in my quote. To turn a blind eye to that would show not just extreme naivete, but EXTREME stupidity on your part.

  3. The problem with Flava Works is that there white model is being promoted as a stand alone more than they have ever promoted any of there black models.

  4. Suns,

    I understand your point. In reality, by Cody being FlavaWorks' 1st white exclusive, so he is a stand alone model.

    But here's a question for you:
    Do you know whether or not FlavaWorks tried promoting some of their Black models, but the gay porn news sites paid them no mind? After all, ethnic-porn is not high on these gay porn news site's list of priorities. I myself have tipped these sites off to many important issues I address on this blog, and they'll post some fluff piece from some White model's blog instead. So before attacking FlavaWorks, why not attack the gay porn news sites on how they handle news about models of color who show an intellect. And I don't mean just me. I'm talking about models like FlavaWorks' Rock who is now heading up Rockafellaz Entertainment.

    Another question is, did you launch the same type of attack on a big name like Titan for making Diesel Washington an exclusive? I'm sure you did not. With Diesel gone from their roster, Titan has no Black exclusives. And the reason they didn't promote him as a "Black" exclusive, is because they were long overdue in having one, so to call out his race would be Titan admitting to that. You have to at least give FlavaWorks credit for at last broadening the colors in their model roster, and willing to admit to it.

  5. I don't give Falcon of Titan much credit either, especially Falcon. I just don't think that Flava Works should get some great credit for hiring a white model. Flava Works isn't even the first company Cody Kyler has worked for. Acording the the MOC blog the original plan was for Cody to work with white models only on Flava Works new line of white movies or whatever. As soon as they started taking some heat they changed the storyline to say that that wasn't true.

    I did a check on the JRL chart site and I don't see any other instance where Flava Works promoted a model like they are promoting Cody Kyler. At least Titan did promote Diesel Washington and most of the big porn sites promote there individual performers to the hilt. I haven't seen any interview with Flava Works models on any sites. Not gaypornblog, chronicles of pornia, JasonCurious, JRL etc.

    It's the studio's job to promote there models. Cody Kyler did an interview with Chronicles of Pornia because that's who the guy who runs Flava Works wanted interviewed. Why wasn't Rock pushed to Chronicles of Pornia? The guy who runs that blog certainly would have interviewed him.

    I have nothing against Cody Kyler. He seems like a nice guy and he's probably a good performer. This is about the racial politics of porn.

  6. Suns,

    On this, I am not going to argue with you. It is about the race politics of porn, and how they must be undone.

    You're right, Chronicles of Pornia does seem to be an exception to the rule. In fact, I just told someone else how they emailed me telling me that they were following me on Twitter, and not the other way around. I also give the same praise to JC Adams at Gay Porn Times, because he did do a piece about Rock's distribution deal with FlavaWorks when other sites did not. So many of the gay porn news sites are to blame for playing racist politics. Maybe more so than the studios in some cases. Whatever the case, don't fret. Let's leave it to karma to do her thing.

  7. Also Suns,

    For the record, I know for a fact that Cody has already done work with models of other ethnicities. There are clips of him at right now. Also, he not too long ago was in Paris doing an appearance and shooting scenes for an upcoming feature as well. Scenes that are proabably along the line of FlavaWorks recent relaese, World Of Flava: Paris, which is my favorite FlavaWorks movie so far.


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