Friday, January 15, 2010

Video Review: Bi Now, Gay Later

Last week, I went to a porn shop and saw a DVD with one of my favorite pornstars on the cover - Denis Reed, whose post I wrote about him is still getting a load of hits so long after it's original date. The name of the DVD was "Bi Now, Gay Later".

It's been so long since I bought a DVD that I didn't know how to react. And it was a bisexual porn, so I could get off on seeing Denis doing both a guy and a girl, and unlike most of the stuff he's done for the Eromaxx websites, it's not an orgy so there's more time to focus on him. I picked up the DVD, and looked on the backcover to find out that he was in not just 1, not 2, but 3 out of the 5 scenes on the DVD. Good thing I was wearing my long trenchcoat in this NY winter weather, or else everyone would have saw the hard-on growing in my pants from seeing the screenshots on the cover.

I also saw that the cast also included some other hotties I've come to know. Such as David White, who has an amazing ass, and is another model that I downloaded from, which is where I discovered the Peter Twins. The cast also features a scene with Oliver Strelly, who I've gotten off on in quite a few straight porn flicks.

Feeling this was going to be a HOT skin-flick, I still left it alone. But the thought stayed in my mind all week long, so the other night, I went back to that store, and pick it up. Now, I had to find out if it was a good thing I did, because it turned out being the last copy on the shelf.

Knowing I was going to see so many hot guys fucking other guys and girls, I couldn't wait to put this movie on when I got home.

I went out that night, so I knew I would look at the entire thing in one sitting. But I had to view and bust a nut to at least one scene before going to bed, or else I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. So I chose the scene that drove me to buy the movie the most - Denis Reed fucking David White and Sabrina.

It turns out that this was the last scene, and as far as I'm concerned, they saved the best for last. Each scene Denis Reed fucks in makes the movie for me, but Scene 5 is where he gets the most sweaty. And there is nothing I like more when I seeing people fuck than to see a top drenched in sweat, and passing that drench onto his partner(s). I was glad to finally see David White have sex, as I've only been able to imagine him doing so when I watch him pop-up and do a dance routine on my desktop from my VirtuaGuyHD program showing off that ever-so-fuckable and squeezable ass. I would have loved to see him and Denis tag-team Sabrina, so I could get a look at his nice uncut cock sliding in and out of a hole. Here, he is a bottom for Denis Reed, but that's a personal disappointment. Outside of that, this scene was in a word - perfection.

I next ventured to Scene 2 to see Oliver Strelly fuck some male ass, as I've always imagined him fucking mine when I see him in straight porn. This scene would have been perfect as well, but I HATE to see women with strap-on dildoes. Especially in a bisexual porno, because if a guy wants to suck a dick or have his ass fucked, there's a guy with a hard cock standing right there with the natural equipment to give that guy what he wants. Seeing a woman with a strap-on comes off as her having penis envy, and that plus the man accomodating that envy is a turn-off for me. So for the sake of my giving this scene any kind of high rating, the scene was saved by Oliver Strelly's intense pounding of Max Bozman's ass and Jess's pussy, and them responding accordingly. So I still had an intense orgasm jerking off to watching this scene. Not as intense as any of Denis Reed's scenes, but still intense.

The reason for that last sentence is because Scene 4 is another scene where I only wanted to fuck the bottom because of his plump ass. His enthusiasm however was too pretend in my opinion, and that's probably because the top (unlike Denis Reed and Oliver Strelly) fucked with no passion. And that passion usually drives the passion of the top's sex partner(s), which thereby makes the scene. So the chemistry between all of the actors in Scene 4 was not there to the point that the way I came was not by watching this scene, but by going back to the end of the scene I started from - Scene 5.

Few movies are so good that you want to have sex with practically the entire cast. For that reason, this movie is now one of my favorites, because I wanted to take in Denis Reed's raw uncut cock in each scene he was featured in, along with that of Oliver Strelly, and with the exception of Scenes 2 and 4, I wanted to fuck the women's pussies with their pussy juice raining on my dick and have my cock engulfed in the warmth of being inside each guy's ass. Also, the stacking of the woman and guy getting fucked in each scene was a big plus in my book.

5 loads of cum in less than 10 hours! It would have been much less than 10 hours if I didn't need to get a few hours sleep after watching Scene 5 immediately after returning home. So I guess you're wondering how do I rate this movie.

If I was to start regularly doing porno reviews, I think I would use a 5-star rating since I've always liked the number 5, and also the 1st movie I'm reviewing has 5 scenes. So basing my rating on the intensity of the orgasm I got from watching each scene, if it wasn't for Scene 2's display of penis envy and Scene 4 making me need help from another scene to make me cum , my rating would be higher - but I'll close by rating "Bi Now, Gay Later" ----- 3.8 out of 5 stars.

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