Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tré Xavier - Multi-Tasking Fucker

I have always been able to multi-task. What I was surprised to find was that I can even multi-task even when I'm fucking. What surprises me about that is the fact that when I multi-task, I'm stll able to give 100% to each thing that I'm doing simultaneously, but I always thought that sex was the one time thing that I didn't do that with, because pleasing my partner was too big a deal for me. I've recently discovered different.

I was working at a couple of sex parties last Friday and Saturday. On Friday, me and one of the other attendants were checking out one guy from the moment we saw him as he came upstairs to the 2nd floor of the loft. He was muscular with a tattoo across the top half of his back, and you may recall my kink for tattoos.I had no idea if he was a top or bottom, nor did I care. I did know that I wanted a piece of him if he was interested, and it didn't matter if it was the front, back, or both. I saw him bottom for one guy earlier in the night until what it seems like forever, making me wish I was drilling his hole. Then I saw him bottom for another guy. This 2nd guy was fucking him in a way that made you want to say, "'re doing it all wrong!", then proceed in showing him how it's done.

While watching this guy fuck wasn't thrilling, seeing the tattooed guy's ass bounce was. There were a couple of people crowding around me as I jerked off to watching this. One was an older guy that just wouldn't leave me alone no matter how many times I politely ignored his advances earlier, while the other just kept touching on me as I once again, politely ignored his advances. When the 2 were done fucking, they got off the bed, and the tattooed guy stood against the wall right next to the bed. I sat down right next to where he was standing to get away from the guys feeling me up. I was still jerking my cock, and the tattooed guy kept looking down at me. I reached out for him to feel his muscular thigh (remember, I'm a leg man also). He moved closer, then reached down for my cock. When he grabbed it, he said, "Oh yeah!"

That surprised the hell out of me, because I know I don't have the largest cock in the world. He started to straddle me, and I started feeling all the muscles on his chest, legs, and that just-fucked ass, that was about to get fucked again ----by my now hole-hungry cock. I slipped frm under him, and positioned him doggy style. I lubed up his hole, put on a condom. When I started to put my cock in, from what all the fucking this guy had before me (just before me even), this guy's hole -----was still TIGHT. I thought to myself, "Someone has been doing their Kegels."

And I took full advantage. I tried pacing myself, but it wasn't long before that sweet hole had me pounding the fuck out of him. Right in the middle of it, I heard someone call my name. It turned out being a freind of mine who said he so tired that he wasn't going to the party, yet he showed up anyway. I figured that since he's a lust bucket like me that once he got that 2nd wind, he would show, and I was right.

This is the point where I discovered I was a multi-tasker even during sex, because when my friend called my name, I looked over to him, and said, "What's up!", and found myself on the verge of reminding him of how he said he wasn't coming to the party, while simultaneously, I was doing what I always do to a bottom - I was playing with his nipples, massaging every part of his body within reach, and playing with his cock. Luckily, I caught myself before any more words besides that "What's up!" came out of my mouth, as I felt it would be quite rude to the hottie I had wrapped around my dick and moaning my praises.

Saturday night I was back working the party again, monitoring the bathroom making sure 1 guy went in at a time. There was one hot short muscular Latino that kept cruising me. Eventually, he got up the nerve to appraoch me, and I reciprocated (tell those 2 guys from Friday about how "reciprocating" is the keyword). He put on a condom ready to fuck me, and leaned against the wall. I was backing up onto his thick dick, when while someone was already in the bathroom someone was about to walk right past me, and go in. So me multi-tasking stopped the guy saying, "One at a time", while trying to slide onto the Latino's cock.

When one of the party-goers who was witness to my multi-tasking came out of the bathroom, he complimented me on my multi-tasking skills. Understandably, considering the circumstances, it was a compliment that we had a good laugh over.

Well, my multi-tasking while fucking were not planned experiments, but you have to admit, it's a great story about how I discovered that I could pull it off. I just hope I don't have to do that too many more times.

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