Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dirty Fantasy: BITE ME!

Now, don't let the title fool you. Biting is not my thing. However, the title will make sense later on in the story.

About 3 weeks ago, I went bar-hopping between 2 bars, The Cock which was having the new party called "Dry Hump" and The Urge which was having their weekly contest that I have mentioned winning before, "Ass Wednesday".

I went to The Urge and was asked to be in the contest. No, I did not win, so this tale did not have that as even a part of a happy ending, especially considering why that was the case.

I told you before that New York has been migrated with a bunch of midwesterners who are bringing the racism of the in-bred Midwestern mentality with them. I say this because me and another black guy entered the contest. Let's forget about my ass and the praise it gets, let's talk about the other black guy's ass. An ass that I must say was pretty hot. While his ass was nice and round with a good bump, the applause was lackluster. The crowd made their racist feelings clear that as long as the ass was light it was alright, but if it had a deep tan, then it should be panned, because some of those light asses were flat or fat(and not in a cute way), but they got a bigger round of applause that the other black contestant.

It was because of this that I entered the contest. I was experimenting to see for myself if this is really what I was seeing, and it was true. The crowd at The Urge that night was full of a bunch of racist hicks. There was one guy who wasn't such a douchebag though. He must have made the gesture from his seat of wanting to bite my ass. The drag queen who was hosting asked him if he wanted to bite it. I turned around to see who wanted a piece of me. It turned out being the guy who I was sitting next to when I decided to enter the contest who was friends with the other black contestant. And I did think he was incredibily HOT, so I poked my ass out for him, and to my surprise ---- he actually came up and bit it. HE BIT MY ASS!

If it was that kind of show, in that instance, he could have done quite a bit more.

Anyway, after I sat back done, I wasn't sure if this guy was with the other black contestant as a boyfriend or friend. As he was heckling one of the other contestants, I found out that he was just a friend. We were sitting so close that an "accidental" grazing of each other could easily happen, so we let it. Then that led to us rubbing each other's hands, and legs, as we watched the rest of the contest. And eventually, we kissed. I got his name, and I gave him my card which has my email address on it. I told him to email me, so we could get together sometime. I have yet to hear from him, but if I did, I know it would be a hot time.

At one point I asked him his Zodiac sign which turned out being a Leo. So my knowing I would be in for a hot time would be because of that chemistry, PLUS Aries and Leo both being fire signs. Now when 2 fire signs fuck ---- it's Passion City.

When we were touching each other, maybe his motivation was just to touch. My motivation was to touch, as well as feel the musculature of his tall slim frame. Like how muscular are the thighs and calves that would help him to thrust into me. I'm also a leg-man. Also, by feeling them, I could imagine what they look like without the pants, with the only untold part being if he has any scars or how hairy his legs might be. Whether his legs are as smooth as a baby's bottom, or hairy as a chimpanze, I want to find out. And being the lust-bucket I am, I'll be pleased either way.

So what would my fantasy about this guy be?
To pick up from where we left off on that stage. For starters, as a way of saying THANKS for taking me up on my offer to let him ravish me, I'd suck his cock till it was throbbing with anticipation of entering me. But he'd know for his own satisfaction, that before he could enter me, he would have to explore my ass more. So he would throw me down on the bed onto my stomach, and run the edge of his teeth against my ass cheeks, tickling all the nerve ending in my ass. From there he would proceed to eat me out. Slobbering my hole to prepare it for his entry. As my twitches and grinds intensifies from the sensation of his wet tongue on my hole, I start tooting my ass up more as a way to beg for him to finally put his cock inside me. He obliges, and it turns out being a with the case of most tall, slim guys, he probably has a thick dick that I'll have to brace for the impact of. He'll then proceed to fuck me in just about every position in the gay Kama Sutra with hard and fast thrusts, making the only time his thrust would be anywhere near slow is while spooning and/or in missionary. This would give me a moment to savor his cock throbbing inside me, and massage his ass muscles as they flex from his glides to go deeper inside me. He would then return to his hard and fast thrusts with the each impact into my ass causing a loud slap, showing the high degree of passion he has in his desire to lay his pipe inside my hole. And while I wouldn't be helpless, for the most part I would lay there as if I was. After all, Leos do like to be in charge, and as bad as I wanted his cock, if this fantasy could become reality, why would I dare argue?

As in all fantasies, my question of how to end it is always do I let the guy come with his cock inside me, or let him pull it out and spray his man-milk all over me, then I fall asleep with it drying all over me. I think it best to decide depending on the individual, and when he has his biggest cum-load. Which ever one has the biggest cum-load is the one that I get sprayed with. The other cumming's purpose is to experience his cock throbbing when he releases all that pent up sexual tension into my hole.

And YES, that means we would fuck TWICE. That's the one thing that fantasizing about isn't much of a stretch from reality. Most of my encounters, especially most that have been at my place have led to 2 fucks before we say our goodbyes. And if I want to talk about stretching, imagine how much stretching happened with 2 fucks from the Frenchman, and the 2 Swedes. Now, do you see why I do Kegels?

Well, that ass-biting hottie from The Urge does have my card. So his chance at a double-dip still awaits. Question is, if this happens, will I tell you, or keep it as one of my sexy dirty secrets that I'll never tell? Because believe it or not, I do have a few. Maybe this will be added to that list should it happen....or not. Only time will tell.

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