Monday, August 25, 2008

The Tré-Kyros Exchange

I thought the whole ordeal about Pierre Fitch's racist tirade was a thing of a past that I wouldn't really have to revisit. And not because it's painful as some might think, but because it's sad to see someone walking around New York City with that attitude, therefore unable to embrace all this ethnically diverse city really has to offer.

This topic's re-emergence into my life came in the form of Kyros Christian.

Kyros Christian is on my friends list on both DList and PC PornSpace. On Sunday, August 10th, he sent me an invitation to the Pierre Fitch Network.

I replied to his invitation:
Thanks for your invitation to the Pierre Fitch Network. But if you read the following blog entry of mine, you'll see why I have to decline:

I got this email on PC Porn Space from Kyros Christian in response:
I left your blog a comment... I think you mistook what he meant by saying what he did. I dont think Pierre is a racist.

His comment read:
I know Fitch personally and I think this is taken a bit out of context... Just because you are not attracted to black men and youre white does not mean youre a racist... Its a sexual preference and fetish much like somebody who likes feet or bondage. Instead of piss, they like ethnic dick, instead of shit they like that white dick.I personally dont have any sort of sexual desire to engage in anything barbaric with any eskimos.. ugh!

I left this comment in response:
Kyros, you may know Pierre Fitch personally, and I that night I got to know him as Pierre Bitch. I know what I heard, the other people's look of shock shows they heard the same as me, and it was not taken out of context. I distinctly said that I understand how everyone has a preference. That's fine. BUT to say that the COLOR of a person's skin is what makes their skin feel better to the touch (as opposed to maybe their lifestyle causing that difference) is sheer racist ignorance that is unforgivable UNLESS the person grows up, and takes note of their misconception.

And this reply to his email after posting the comment:
I replied to your comment. But I feel we may have to agree to disagree. It may be that you really had to be there to understand . But here's a question for you, while you know him personally, have you had a talk with him where he shows some kind of admiration for people of other races? And I'm not talking about sexual admiration, I mean admiration in general.

This back and forth dialogue continued until about sometime after midnight (maybe around 2 AM) on August 11th. But to my last question, 2 weeks later, I still have yet to get a response from Kyros.

My thoughts about a lack of a response from Kyros is that either he is in denial of his friend's attitude towards people of a different color, or Kyros really had no answer to that question, because Pierre never has shown admiration for someone of another color. If the latter is the case, then that says little about Kyros, BUT speaks volumes about Pierre Fitch.

I understand that it is our human nature to initially defend our friends, even when they are clearly in the wrong. Is Pierre Fitch wrong for having a preference? NO. BUT he is wrong for being narrow-minded enough to spew out of his mouth a belief that a skin color you don't prefer makes the difference in how dersirable their skin texture is. To add insult to injury though were his words, "I don't play with guys like that".

"Guys like that"? What am I, a diseased animal that should be quarantined?
I am a human being, and if the fact of God making me a Black man made me not fit into Pierre's range of preference, then he should repectfully address my existence as simply saying "I'm not into Black guys", instead of referring to me as "guys like that". That terminology shows an extreme lack of respect for my human existence, which I did nothing wrong to him, therefore I did not deserved that.

All though I'm quite sure that Pierre was drunk during that tirade. That only speaks another volume about Pierre, because when most people are drunk, their most deep-rooted sentiments hit the surface, and Pierre words may have very well showed how alcohol brought those degrading sentiments for people of color to the surface. All it needed was a catalyst, and that guy's stupid joke was that catalyst.

In trying to defend his friend, Kyros has put himself in the middle of a situation he should have left alone. I have no ill feeling towards Kyros for trying to come to his friends defense. Like I said, it's natural to do so, and we have probably all made that mistake at one time or another.

I just hope that Kyros comes to realize who and what he is defending, and how people are so often considered guilty by association, even when that may not be the case. I hope it's not the case here, and Kyros is not a racist. And if he's not, I can't advise Kyros on how to handle this awkward situation. Where he has to figure out for himself a way that he can be honestly content with associating himself with a racist when he's not one himself. If that is at all possible, which I'm believe it can be. But I wish him the best of luck of finding a way that works.


  1. need to get overself. All you do it bitch about everything..poor me, I'm black...whatever. this is one blog I will happily avoid in the future

  2. Listen, uh "dude". You are the perfect example of cowardly bitches hiding behind the name "Anonymous". You type you're bullshit comment, and run and hide your identity, because what you say is so empty you can't risk whatever reputation you have and put a name on it.
    I on the other hand do have a reputation. One in which I am known for telling the truth, and not feeling sorry for myself. Because while life may APPEAR easier for a White person, I know it's no "poor me, I'm Black" because at least when I accomplish something, I know because of the racism that is out there, the chance of me ACTUALLY deserving what I've obtained is much greater than if I was White. So if I appear to bitch, it's because I should not have to come to that resolve. We should all should be on equal footing where Blacks don't have to work extra hard for recognition and Whites don't have to question did their abilites get them their notoriety, or was it their skin color.

  3. I think "anonymous" is 100% right - all Tre ever does is "bitch" about "poor me, I'm black."

    Tre, you clearly need to loosen up and accept perfectly legitimate criticism like that which Pierre Fitch has offered up. You've no right whatsoever to feel sub-human and worthless as a result of Fitch's words.

    You should learn to bury your head in the sand and ignore anything controversial. Like, seriously, dude.

    (btw, on a serious note, what do you think the odds are of Fitch or one of his cronies writing that anon comment?)

  4. For a moment there, Ka-os, you had me going there.
    I think it's 100% possibile that Pierre Fitch or one of his cronines (as you put it)posted that anonymous comment. The only reason I posted a comment replying is because I don't want anyone who may by some chance be gullibile enough to believe that statement take it to heart.
    Lastly, to explain how uncommon I can be, the anger towards people's words is not because they actually hurt me. I've built an immunity to hurtful words within myself. Maybe it's the "being able to take just as good as you put out" mentality that made me grow that thick skin. What sparks my rage is what those words can do to most people, since most people DON'T have that immunity to cruel words. So I by no means felt sub-human as a result of Pierre's words, but I know most other people of color would have. That's what enraged me.

  5. First of all wasn't this blog moving to blogger suppose to have more videos, but yet I don't see them. Yeah Tre can voice his opinion, but isn't this suppose to be a sexy site? Who wants to go to a site and see all kinds of complaining and stuff and people being defensive. Or Tre, could you onto other sexy topics like maybe the latin guys you see now living in the bronx. What made you move. these are more interesting things to me to learn about the guy behind the porn star image. Kind of like every day things that we don't see.

  6. My website is the sexy site.
    My blog is where I talk about real life. The fact that I talk about a variety of topics is what MY blog is for. It's a variety of matters GOOD and BAD is what makes me the man behind the porn star image, because in case you haven't noticed, THAT's LIFE. If I was to do it any other way, I might as well be another sterotypical gay pothead or meth-head avoiding those realities of life.

  7. are you afraid of being so radical that it may turn off people from your sexual persona or your porn star personality? matt rush and others are such nice guys and people like them because they are so sweet. some guys here think you complain too much about being poor, black, deprived of roles, etc.

    this has been discussed in the past, and asked of you what are you doing about it.

  8. First of all, I'm not afraid of being radical at all. That's why I say the things I say here. The noly people who will be turned off from my sexual persona are those hell-bent on escaping the real world like yourself.
    I started MY blog because soooo many porn actors don't bring the truth to the people out there. I can't be a Matt Rush coming off sweet all the time. That's not the real world. The real world has good AND bad, and I talk about them BOTH. And the only people who think I complain are the ones who either can't handle the bad of reality, and/or are either guilty of the things I complain about, and/or those who don't have compassion for those less fortunate.
    In addition, I don't only talk about how me and other Blacks get shortchanged in this industry, and other situations. I have made that complaint on behalf of Asians, Indians, etc. as well. That lack of compassion is most likely the case of you and your "some guys here".
    Lastly, who are these "some guys here" that you speak of? If you can't figure out how to put your name in any other way than "anonymous", at least you can tell who you are in a group with that sharess those sentiments within your comment.

  9. There is one person's comments I have repeatedly been deleting. The reason why is because instead of giving a suggestion, I was approached in a manner where that person overstepped their bounds acting like they run MY website and MY blog.
    There is a way to present yourself, but if you present yourself in that manner here, you will find yourself deleted. Because I am open to logical suggestions and questions, but not to someone usurping my territory.
    Furthermore, if you post a comment, stick to the topic at hand. Otherwise, that will get you deleted as well.
    If you have a suggestion or something that goes off the topic, my email address is not hard to find here. All it takes is the willingness to do things properly. Thank you.


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