Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Top Fucker

One of my 1st new post of 2009 was New Year, New Cocksucker where I went into detail about my improved oral skills the new year seemed to have brought me. Well this new year of 2010 seems to have brought me some improved skills as a top.

As you may know from a previous post, I rang in the new year at the Baña Pool Party. I was wondering who I was lusting after at the last one was going to make a return appearance at this one. As far as the hot staff goes, I was not disappointed that while helping to set up, who walks in but Jake Havoc who was bartending. The theme of the party was Fire and Ice, and some people wore costumes. Jake was one of them, and he wanted me to help him with his by connecting the back to his jockstrap, just like the guy is doing in the picture. Now, why would I turn down the opportunity to be anywhere near that bare ass, and by doing the task asked of me, possibly graze Jake's bare skin? So I gladly and quickly obliged, while fighting off the temptation to kiss each ass cheek and lick his hole since my face wasn't that far away.

I was working clothes-check, and during a point when it was slow, Jake came by during his break from bartending. He sat on a chair, and I sat on his lap. This immediately made me hard, and from the looks of that bikini I was wearing, you can figure that my cock was not going to stay contained if it continued to grow. And it did continue to grow. Jake started playing with me, and I started playing with Jake. This gave me a lot to play with because Jake is a BIG guy, in a way that reminds me of the French guy from "French Kiss, Big Bliss?". During this frolicking, a party-goer came over ready to leave, and since I'm someone who can quickly mentally morph into whatever I need to be, I immediately jumped up ready to do my job. Remember now I said I can quickly mentally morph, not physically. So the funny part of the story is that when I jumped up to greet the patron and assist him, my erect cock was pointing out between the 2 red lines of my bikini greeting the patron as well. The patron didn't seem surprised, and there was no need for him to be. Especially since he was kind of cute, so had he got to me before Jake, he could have been the inspiration for my erection.

There are more tales I could tell about Baña that night. But from here on, I'm going to use the same rule for the rest of that night at Baña as they use for Las Vegas by saying, "Whatever happens at Baña, stays at Baña." Besides if you've ever been, and knowing the lust-bucket I am, I challenge you to use your imagination.

New Year's Day (or Night, rather) I went to the sex party, Olympus. I sometimes help out at the party, mainly by monitoring the bathroom. So if you ever stop by and see me, say "Hello" FIRST, before trying to get physical. To do the reverse order is disrespectful of my personal space, especially while I'm working.

Anyway, during one of my breaks, I went downstairs and saw someone who is a friend of a former fuck-buddy. I went to say "Hi", while he was talking to these 2 White guys. One of the White guys kept looking me up and down, and because of the racial climate that I've complained about here in NYC in recent years, while I feel I'm confident in my being a good-looking man, I'm not sure how many White American males are aware of that fact. So even though the friend of my former fuck-buddy is Black as well, I didn't know if this White guy was looking me up and down to say about me, "Wow! He's fuckin' hot", or was it to say, "Who the fuck is this nigger, and why is he standing by me?! I'm already humoring one. Must I humor another?"

The friend of my former fuck-buddy then introduced us, and it turns out the 2 White guys were actually European, so I was put a tad at ease about his being racially open. They soon went to go play, leaving me and my former fuck-buddy's friend to talk for a bit. After our chat, I went back in the play area to find the European who was giving me a look getting sucked off. I decided to investigate that once-over look from earlier, so while he was getting sucked off, I stood next to him. When he looked up and saw me, he immediately grabbed me. He started feeling me up, grabbing my ass, and playing with my hole. While I don't usually like my hole fingered, I was in such a good mood, probably because of the new year, I actually started riding his finger.

Well, I guess this confirms that his gaze was to say about me, "Wow! He's fuckin' hot!", instead of the nasty alternative.

After that guy was done sucking him off, the European continued playing with me. He took me over to the bed, he sat down, and then I started sucking him off. And it was a long cock to suck. He moaned so loud a crowd formed around us, then he asked me, "Do you want to ride my dick?"

I whispered with a smile, "Yeah".

He then laid down on the bed, as I straddled him letting his long cock slide into me. Then I started riding it. It felt sooo good. Feeling that dick inside my cock-craving hole, plus looking at his amazing body made the sex so good already. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, he suddenly started to stand up while holding me trying to stay inside me, then he put me on my back, and started fucking me missionary - HARD! He was pumping me fast and furious ramming his cock deep inside me, while I was rubbing his smooth skin and grabbing his hot flexing ass. And I was quite loud about how much I liked it. So loud that I'm sure the guys on the 2nd floor of the loft heard me. My body was pretty relaxed, but not relaxed enough to take in all of his cock. So I quickly relaxed myself to make that possible. And it made him come shortly after, with me using my hole to squeeze every last drop of cum out of his dick.

I had about 5 guys total - 2 more as a bottom which included a hot guy sweating so much that his whole body (including his ass) was drenched and made me wet as well, just how I like it, while the others were as a top, with one guy's ass being so sweet that I fucked it every chance I got. Now, besides him, it just seemed that every guy I topped LOVED my dick. Every guy I fucked moaned so loud to every sensation from my cock's entry, to the passion I slammed into their plump asses, and begging for more. And really, I'm not being a braggart. I've topped at sex parties before, but I've never seen so many guys wanting a turn at me topping them after witnessing me with someone else. So figure that I must be starting off 2010 with some kind of improved skill as a top that's getting alot of people wanting a taste.

So I don't know how many condoms and WET® lube packets I went through over my New Year's weekend, but you know what? Somebody should be giving me an endorsement deal. Because as many condom and lube wrappers I left lying around, if by some off chance you either didn't know, or seemed to have forgotten some condom and lube companies' names before New Year's----if you were celebrating near me, I may have refreshed your memory.

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