Friday, January 15, 2010


While you're doing promotions for Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend, as you hire your LIGHT bartenders and LIGHT go-go boys to please your WHITE racist pig patrons and take their WHITE money, you make it quite obvious that you either have no clue of what Martin Luther King, Jr. stood and died for, or your monetary greed makes you not care. Maybe that's why you shorten the name down to the initials "MLK" - to lessen the importance in your mind of the man's accomplishments.

Because of Dr. Martin Lujther King, Jr.'s accomplishments, we are supposed to be 40+ years past the civil rights movement, yet many of you are making the NYC gay club scene show the gay community to be behind those 40+ years by segregating us. I am tired of having a Black/Latino night at a club being one of the few places I feel welcomed. If we were all at the right place mentally, there would be no need for those Blatino party nights.

I know those of you who are members of the guilty party are saying that you've never said such a thing about having a light-complexioned staff to cater to White racist pigs to take their White money. Well action speaks louder than words, and while you may not have said the words, the action of your hiring practices and who you are obviously catering to speaks volumes. Because while every non-White from Asian, Indian, and medium to dark complexioned Black and Latino, etc. you see at your events are probably there by living in denial of what I'm saying, if they face the truth, they will know that you're not taking a minority's money because you really want us there. If you did, we would see some representation in your staff, and kindness from your patrons. So the only reason our presence is tolerated is because it is viewed as mere happenstance.

This is New York City, which is supposed to be a mecca for all ethnicities and cultures. And Dr. Martiin Luther King, Jr. died at the hands of people afraid to see our entire nation become that mecca. NYC Gay Nightlife Promoters, your hiring practices and patrons you knowingly cater to show that you are no better than those people who hoped for, and saw to the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is the year 2010, don't you think it's about time you showed otherwise? Because while you're telling yourself White is what sells ---- in the year 2010, besides more money, you can also make alot more love with unity, than you can with separatism.

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