Sunday, July 18, 2010

N**gers, Extreme Public Saggers

Fashion is supposed to be inspired by something positive. It becomes an even greater accomplishment when it's inspired by the desire to turn a negative in to a positive. With the latter in mind, the "sagger" style has sadly been taken to an ugly extreme mostly by the hip-hop mentality. To the point of guys wearing their pants so low that it shows their entire behind in their underwear. So what started out as turning a negative into a positive, has now become these guys showing that they're dumb enough to imitate the "sagger" style's origin as if they're playing a virtual reality game.

The style of "saggers" originated in prisons where prisoners were given oversized  pants without belts. This was done to make prisoners easier to capture should they try to escape, with the other reasons for the lack of a belt being to prevent the belts being used for suicide or as a weapon.

I know people don't like me to use it. I myself don't like to use the word. However, when the situation warrants it, I am man enough to put aside my dislike and say what needs to be said, and I suggest you do the same. I said all that to say that to know the history of "saggers", the only type of person who would admire and assimilate this type of dress in public and to the extreme is a nigger.

I don't care what color you are, being a nigger is not about a color of skin like they tried to make it in the old South. It's about a state of mind - an ignorant state of mind to be exact.

Keep in mind that I did italicize the words "in public and to the extreme". It's because I'm not 100% for guys showing the waistband of their underwear on a regular day out in public, but that's tolerable. And I have no problem with someone wearing "saggers" to the extreme in their home, a friend's home, in the club, or in the streets on certain special occasions like Gay Pride.  After all, it's a style of dress that's meant to tease the crowd. I myself have adjusted my jeans to become "saggers" while I'm in the club, or walking through the streets of Gay Pride. I've done it to the point of showing either the waistband of my underwear, or the beginning slope of my protruding ass - sometimes covered, sometimes bare....but still while in that space. Before and after being in that space however, I cover up. I'm saying this to show that I'm not being a judgmental ass here, but if you are of a civilized mind (as I try my damnest to be), you must ask yourself, "How much is too much?" Because the fact is that there is a time and place for certain types of clothes, and the way you wear them. The reason I italicized "in public and to the extreme" is because the reason niggers earned their named is because NIGGERS DON'T CARE. Niggers are self-loathing people with total disregard for the fact of how there is a time and place for certain things and how they are to be executed, so they don't ask themselves, "how much is too much?", which is why they wear "saggers" in public to such a distasteful extreme.

Now anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that I cover all bases before the stupid questions start coming in. So I'll answer one stupid question I'm sure someone wants to ask. That question being....

..."What are you supposed to do if you're going to the club, or going to that special event where you can wear your 'saggers'?"

Simple answer, you dumb shit....Adjust your clothes when you get there. Hence the reason I also italicized my telling of how I adjust my jeans to become "saggers" while in the club. It's because I have enough self-respect and class to not walk through the streets that way. I mean, it's like going to a sex party. Just because you're going to a sex party doesn't mean you walk through the street butt-ass naked. I hope those of you who wanted to ask that question, now see why that's a dumb question to ask.

So the bottom line of what I'm trying to say here is that if you're going to wear "saggers" a man about it, not a nigger. Because a nigger's lack of class and intellect may make them unforgettable, but it also makes them disposable. In the meantime, a man's ability to have enough class and intellect to know the right time and place, also makes him unforgettable....but more importantly, because he's also always necessary.


  1. There's another prison origin about "saggers" that's been explained to me. In some prisons, guys would "advertise" that they were available to be sexually had as bottoms in exchange for favors (cigarettes or other things), by exposing themselves this way. I wonder how many straight urban youths in particular, or those who are adopting the "fashion" would react to this knowledge. Also, sometimes "fashion" just LOOKS stupid and people need to use their judgment about such things. Hopefully this will pass.

  2. Thanks for the additional info. You've earned the right to be "Anonymous" by showing an intellect that adds to mine.

  3. "It's about a state of mind - an ignorant state of mind to be exact."

    Really? So the history of the word does not matter? You decide the word nigger is simply a state of mind, and there you go! Well glad you cleared that up.

    And yes I know. You have evolved and thought this out, while I continue to be blind to reality.

    To quote Richard Pryor: "It is a word to describe our own "wretchedness."

    Use the word all you want, but please don't act like the word has no connection to the country's racial past.

  4. James,

    I only going to say this once and you better not EVER forget it.

    I am WELL AWARE of the history of the word "nigger". And I do acknowledge that in the paragraph that embodies that statement. The fact that you chose to get so up in arms instead of acknowledge the ENTIRE statement which takes note of that history is what makes YOU that very word. Because you are displaying an immensely ignorant state of mind by your rant.

    I said later in that same post that I cover all bases. And I did just that.

    You may have been called "nigger" (literally or by action), as have I experienced both. And you may have anger over that, but DO NOT take your anger over those occurrences out on me. My statement points out the TRUE meaning of the word, and stick to that THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE POST. You should be patting me on the back for that, instead of backpedaling us to the Old South, so you can whine, thereby sticking that mentality of the word back in people's mind.

    Thanks a lot, NIGGER!

  5. Wow. That was a mature response. The "true meaning of the word," according to you, is devoid of any history. But I see how the game is played. In the Tre world, history, such as it is, counts for nothing. What does matter are your "statements of facts."

    Cool. It's your spot in the web. You can do what I feel. I'm free to waste my time elsewhere.


  6. James,

    That is the true meaning of the word. I enlighten people by focusing on that true definition of the word to give that word its original intended power back, and you insist of focusing on the negative history that a bunch of racists gave it later on. So YES, I did give a mature response, because I called you out. Now deal with it, and don't come back. Because my spot on the web is for intellects of any color. Niggers of any color that tread here will get read just as you have been.

    Now, if people want to accuse me of suffering from Angry Black Man Syndrome, they need to look at the stupidity of your responses. For it will surely change their minds.

    So have a nice day,...that is if someone suffering from ABMS can have one.

  7. James,

    To your P.S.,

    GLADLY, because I never say anything thing here that I won't say to a person's face. And I have done it enough times that people can back me up on that claim.

  8. I think saggers are just plain SEXY! I am almost 30 yo suite-n-tie white gay dude and I get that "jizz" from nearly seeing a nice bubble but... with so little effort.

    The origin? That's for nerds.

    It makes my walk down the block or a ride on the subway so much more entertaining.


  9. The history of saggers is not for nerds. It's for people with class about themselves.

    Furthermore, you said it yourself... You're a SUIT-n-tie White dude (a "SUITE" is a room in a hotel). The problem here is:
    (1)your personality is so far removed from the stigma that goes along with that, you would go to the extreme of opposing it. Even if that means fancying something so symbolic of low-class. I HATE the corporate world, but even an extremist like myself must have limits in how AND WHERE I present my opposition. and;
    (2)while you may not be a racist or racially insensitive, because you are White, you are not as guarded as any Black male with any sense of decency would be about how they present themselves IN PUBLIC.

  10. I don't understand why one would focus so much attention on this matter. You responded to a FB friend saying "blacks have enough negative stigmas today already" so why don't you as a fellow black individual focus on the positives that are withen the black community. You also stated that it is not only blacks that are promoting this style but other races are now catching on as well. Yet you choose to attack your own race on a topic that is so small compared to the other more important hurdels blacks have to overcome in America.

  11. Anonymous,

    1) Learn to spell;
    2) I did not just attack my own race. I used the word "nigger" to describe a mindset NOT a color. Furthermore, you might want to see the pictures showing the variety of colors of people I have wearing this detestable "style".
    I personally do praise Blacks for their accomplishments. But this is MY blog. A blog that I am proud to see my stats REPEATEDLY reach other countries. And the fact is there are an overwhelming number of negative stereotypes of Blacks spreading across the globe than positive ones, which makes this by no means "a topic that is so small". So because this is MY blog, MY way to combat the negative images is by addressing them and leading by example. Showing that I am NOT tolerant of the negative behavior Blacks are repeatedly accused of (be the claims true or false). Thereby leading the way for the misled to acknowledge the reality of "If there's one civilized Black person, then there are more";
    3) PAY ATTENTION!!!! Did you not see my instructions regarding anonymous comments? Comment here again challenging me, and you will find ALL of your comments deleted.

  12. "I don't care what color you are, being a nigger is not about a color of skin like they tried to make it in the old South. It's about a state of mind - an ignorant state of mind to be exact."

    This continues to be the stupidest thing written about the infamous "N-word." Please read R. Kennedy's book "Nigger." You won't because history ain't your strength, but your explanation of "nigger" is make believe.

  13. How incredibly stupid are you going to keep coming here and showing yourself to be? Seriously!

    1)Why would I read anything that you suggest reading? Especially based on all I said to you before.
    2)If my note is so "dull", then why do you keep coming back for more public verbal punishment? Yes, it has been over a year, and my position on this issue has not changed. The fact that you have been holding on to this for that long shows how much of a life you DON'T have. So I suggest you drop this and go get one so your life finally becomes worth a damn.
    STOP sitting there with NOTHING to express your own viewpoint, and envying me because I do with no apologies to the likes of a coward like you. A coward by way of not being man enough to show his opinion AND his face. Still hiding behind that same faceless profile pic yammering to overcompensate for what you are---NOTHING!!!


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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