Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review Tools Getting Me WET®

In my last post, a video review of the bisexual porn, "Bi Now, Gay Later", I took it as an opportunity to also review something else. I used it as a chance to review another new lube from WET® that I was given called, WET® Naturals.

Like I said in that last post, I was out quite late, so while I would have loved to just sit there and watched that movie from beginning to end, I knew once I got home that Scene 1 was all I was going to get through. For watching the movie was meant to be a great finale to a fun night which included standing next to hot bare asses and cocks in Urge's Ass Contest. Now you know that besides the movie, I had other sexual tension to release.

I used the WET® Naturals™ Silky Supreme™ first. I pulled back my foreskin, and let the lube run down my dick like a clear lava running down a volcano. I started stroking, and because the scene was so FUCKIN' HOT I had to pace myself so that I wouldn't shoot my load before the scene was done. The WET® Naturals™ was lasting me the whole time. And once I shot my load, I wiped off, and did like most men do when they bust a nut - I called it a night and went to sleep.

I woke up about 4 hours later with morning wood thinking about how I wanted to see the rest of that movie. So I turned on the DVD, and started jerking off. In the midst of my jerking off, I realized something - I never put on any lube. The fact is that there was no need to just yet, because the lube from those 4 hours ago was still a tad moist on my cock, even after wiping my load off my dick. So I worked it until I had I felt the need for more. That's when I tried the other WET® Naturals™ that was given to me, Beautifully Bare™. And I'm glad to say that over the next 4 1/2 hours of watching the next 4 scenes of that movie, I was able to enjoy it using so little lube that if it wasn't for the seal being broken by me, you would never know that the bottle was used, because it still looks practically untouched.

I did get a chance to use it with someone. I was with a hot European stroking my dick with the lube to prepare my anxious cock for curing it's need to be embraced by his hole. He was a little hesitant to give me a blowjob after seeing me put the lube on my cock. I told him there was no taste to it, and I'm sure the fact that the lube is odorless contributed to alleviating it of that common complaint. And I was hoping that while I didn't taste it myself that I wasn't lying. As it turned out, I wasn't, because he sucked my cock a good number of times with the lube on it to add to my prepping to enter his hot ass. After we flip-fucked like rabbits, he told me that he liked the lube because it really did have no taste. This was funny because it seemed like an awkward conversation that you see in television commercials but don't think they would ever happen in real life. Well, it has now, but the good part about it is how that lube we were talking about helped get us to shoot our loads over the hot-fuck we found each other to be.

Besides taste, another complaint I often hear about lubes are allergic reactions. And WET® Naturals™ is hypoallergenic, so that may be a good thing to know for those with such complaints. As you can see, all these qualities of it contributed to my having a good time with it. Maybe it can contribute that same small bit to your good time, too....alone or with a "friend(s)".

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