Sunday, February 1, 2009

Prologue of Sexual Awakening Anniversay: Lucky 7

As some of you may recall, February 9, 2002 was the day I realized my predominately gay bisexuality after years of masturbation as my only way to sexual pleasure. At this time, I was only a few weeks from turning 31 years old. As that night progressed, I met some guys who took me with them to have what would become a 5-man orgy. One of them would be the one I gleefully lost my virginity to. And being that it was quite a bit after midnight, (maybe even around the time, but not the date, of my birth 2:57 AM) that means February 10, 2002 is the day I lost my virginity. Exactly 7 weeks from my 31st birthday, which is March 31.

I plan on using all of the posts starting Tuesday February 3rd until Monday, February 9th as posts to celebrate the 7th anniversary of my sexual awakening.

Lucky 7, that is.

The posts will speak of the progress that I've seen of myself within these 7 years, and the pride I feel because of that progression. That's why I call them, Lucky 7.

One may be serious, another may be erotic, another may be something in between. All I hope is that I won't disappoint in entertaining and enlightening you with the knowledge I've gained over these past 7 years.

So please come back tomorrow. Until then, please continue on with a safe & horny weekend.

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