Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tré's Facebook Hgh School Reunion

I got reunited with someone from high school as only I could via Facebook.

I went to my Facebook home page to find that I had 2 new friend requests. One of them I recognized the name right away. It was a friend of mine from high school, and I haven't talked to anyone from high school since graduating. He sent a message along with the request simply saying my legal 1st name with a question mark.

I accepted his friend request and replied with this message:

Yes, it's me. i was wondering if anyone from our graduating class was ever going to see that about me.Tré Xavier is my stage name, for if you read my profile, (then you read correct) I am among other things, a gay porn actor. Right now, what has made me most popular is my blog, Tré's X-Ray Vision.

The reason I was wondering if anyone from our graduating class would see it is because I did actually put down my high school and graduating year on my profile. Now all this time later, I've been found out by a former classmate.

Not long after my reply, we started chatting. He said he knew I was gay, before he knew that he himself was. I didn't go into all the details of my being a predominately gay bisexual. After all, there was a Latina in high school that I had a major thing for named Lisa. I never made my feelings known to her. Some reasons I was always aware of, but now I'm sure that subconsciously I knew even then that if/when the right guy came along, she would be replaced in my heart. So I just told him that I thought back then that he might be gay, and how I didn't realize my orientation until 7 years ago. You see, Jonathan Knight of New Kids On The Block wasn't the only one I had figured out before figuring out myself.

He said that he just happened to look up people who were in our graduating class, came across my name, and had to get his high school year book to make sure it was me. So I asked him if I changed much. He said that in high school, I was a skinny thing, now all that has changed. What's funny about that is that I never saw myself as skinny back then. I always saw myself as fit. From my senior year of high school until now. Maybe that explains my recent shock when people tell me that I'm building up muscle. Such as how this past Wednesday, a go-go boy at The Urge with a body and ass to die for felt my chest and stomach and was impressed. Or a woman I met after this chat who said my body was hot because it was so small and firm.

I was running late meeting a friend, so I had to cut the chat short, even though I would have liked it to go on longer. Because this was so unexpected. Then again, how many times have I written about a situation that shows how the motto for my life should be, "Expect the unexpected"?

Plenty, I'd say.

Well, I most definitely plan on keeping in touch. Especially since he is here in New York. In fact, he said he might even show up at my open forum on March 20th by MACT/NY at the LGBT Center. If one of the personality traits that made him one of my few friends in high school still remains, then he might have quite an interesting question to ask me. But with him, maybe more than one.

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