Monday, February 16, 2009

DList Radio @Patricia Field

How was your Valentine's Day?

While I didn't make out with anyone special, I did find myself quite horny. I spent my afternoon with a friend at Daniel Nardicio's DList Radio live taping from Patricia Field's store in New York City. Daniel with Matthew Phillip has guest like Robbyne Kaamil, Michael Musto, and a runway show featuring burlesque artist including Dirty Martini.

However it was Randy Blue porn actor, Lucky Daniels, showing off his ass and sweat in that jockstrap that made me find myself horny.

The picture to the right is presently my computer's wallpaper on which I set the resolution to 1280 x 800. I resized it from its original resolution which is 2 times larger than what you'll find when you click on it. Although I'm sure all of you ass-men out there would appreciate this pic in either size.

Anyway, I had to go to this taping, because I missed when Daniel did it from the D train, which is a shame since that's the train line I live closest to. I also had to come out because let's face it, you can do more in an actual establishment than you can on a subway car. So I knew my eyes were going to see something ----exciting. From the pics above and after viewing the video below, I ask you, was I wrong?

Before I left the house, I had this feeling that I was going to get pulled into the going-ons there. And my 6th sense proved me right. I should be used to it by now. Vin Nolan used to do it to me all the time. Everytime I happen to see him at an appearance, I often found myself up on stage right alongside him and the other scheduled guests. This time my friend Lovari was the culprit. They had Nasty Pig underwear that they wanted some of the guys in the audience to model, and Robbyne Kaamil was going around trying to find victims....I mean, willing participants. She asked Lovari, and without my knowing, he motioned over to me claiming since I was "the professional". So when Robbyne came to me, I said sure. Because (1)how could I say "no" to Robbyne? and (2)any reason for an exhibitionist like myself to show their ass, I'm all for it.

There was another guy that they gave underwear to, but he remained dressed until they put us both on display in the store window. I turned around and saw all these cameras going off. One of those cameras was mine. I gave Lovari my camera after I got done taking pictures and video of Randy Blue porn actor, Lucky Daniels. I had no idea that he was going to use it to take pictures himself - especially of me.

I stood around for a good while wearing only that jockstrap. People kept coming by wanting to take my picture. After some time had passed, I decided to at least put my pants on. It was my way of acknowledging my place as a patron, therefore not taking any of the spotlight off of the scheduled guests. It seems that some people in the crowd thought differently. Because when I put my pants back on, people were still asking my to pose, and wondering why my pants were back on. Being that I wasn't a scheduled guest, I found this both surprising and flattering. I was especially flattered by the compliment from Nasty Pig's own, David Lauterstein saying that my wearing that jockstrap did his design justice.

This day was full of surprises. Because who do I see walk in not too long after I put my pants back on but one of the paralegals from my day job. He shares an office with a former supervisor of mine who knows about my being in porn, and that info was passed on to the paralegal. Not that I care, because like I've said here often - if you have to hide or be embarrassed by what you're doing, then you shouldn't be doing it.

For a single man on Valentine's Day, it was a great day. Besides, what is Valentine's Day but just another day. That might sound jaded, but after all, what makes a great day? Fun with friends, beautiful sights, and great entertainment brought on by life itself.

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