Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally Tastin' Chocolate

OK. Don't be pissed at me for this. But I've been holding out on you. Especially my most loyal readers.

My most loyal readers will be the most pissed by this news because they are the ones who can most likely recall me saying that I've never been with a Black man off-camera. Well in recent weeks, that has changed. Not once - but twice.

The 1st was at a party a month and a half ago. My friend Steve brought a friend named Tony with him, and I was quite drawn to him. He was tall and slim (there goes those 2 words again), and medium brown. And when he turned around to walk away, my eyes fell down to see this amazing ass. I wasn't sure if the attraction was mutual, but I had a feeling that by the end of the night, his cock was going to wind up in my ass.

Well, it did wind up in my mouth.

We were looking for Steve and
figured he was in the backroom. We got separated and caught up in our own separate action. I topped on a cutey with a hot ass doggy-style. Afterwards, I slouched on the sofa and wound up with a huddle of guys in front of me. At first, all I could see was a silhouette, but I could tell whoever it was had a nice hump for an ass. I reached out to touch it, and he then touched me in return. I looked up and noticed the silhouette's body frame matched Tony's perfectly. Since his crotch was right there, I went to suck his cock, and his cock was massive. When I stood up, we looked at each other, smiled, then made out. So it was official - the attraction was mutual.

Later on we ran into each other again in the VIP room. It hit us again, and this time we went beyond a cocksucking session. We went into a corner, and I assumed the position without even asking him how he wanted me. I got on all fours preparing to be enter by that long beer can he calls a cock. After a couple of tries with my tight hole, he was in. And he was a guy with a big dick who knows how to fuck with it. Contrary to the asinine belief that bigger is always better, that doesn't happen as often as you might think.

I tried not to think about it, but I couldn't help it. This was the 1st Black guy I've ever had sex with away from the porn cameras. Besides his fucking prowess, what also made it so amazing and unable to ignore was because I was able to focus on praising him because I honestly felt he knew how to fuck me good. I didn't have to do dirty talk to reassure him against an asshole like Tyson Cane taking a shot at the very sexual ego he needs to perform. Nor did I have to do dirty talk to mask the fact that I was thrown with one of those gay-for-pay bitches in self-denial like Double R.

Everytime I said to Tony, "Yeah, fuck me good! Fuck me hard", or "Your cock feels so good in my hole", my words were my true sentiments. Not words to mask the bad position a director put me in.

While my romp with Tony was my 1st taste of chocolate away from the camera of a porn set, it wasn't my only recent one. The next one happened at a NY Jock Party. There was a White guy there that I met a couple of months ago. He was fucking this Black guy, and I was playing voyeur. Afterwards, they were making out. I walked past them to be on my way to either watch or get in on some other action, and it seems I didn't have to walk far if at all. Because once the White guy saw me, he pulled me in, so it became a threesome. I started feeling up on the Black guy who was dark-skinned with an amazing body, and the more I felt his ass, the more I wanted to put my dick in it. So I asked him if I could fuck him, and he let me. This was too surreal, because the 1st Black man I'm with away from porn cameras topped me like all those in front of the cameras. But not too long after, the next Black guy I'm with lets ME be the top. All I can say to that is HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT!

Now that I've had my fellow medium brown and a dark-skinned Black man, what I'm lusting for now is a light-skinned one. Once I have that, I'll be open to having a chocolate rainbow train with me in the middle of a dark-skinned and a light-skinned Black man. And if it's not a train, maybe it will be my DP scenario? As always, we'll let time tell the tale.

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