Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IT's Getting ----- BIGGER?!

I wonder will any of you believe this?

Recently, I was jerking off, and I realized something. My thumb seemed further away from my fingers than before while wrapped around my dick.

No joke, True story.

My first thought was that I was sleepy and having a delusion of grandeur, because I did just wake up when I started my jerk-off session. With that possibility in mind, I put it out of my head (no pun intended). But later on, the mood hit me again, I whipped it out, started jerking, and I noticed it again. I thought to myself, "Wait a fuckin' minute! I was in a 'just waking up' daze before, but now I'm wide awake, and my dick still seems thicker."

And it's been that way ever since.

I figured then that it must be true, because I have no reason to grumble about the size of my cock. I don't think it's huge or amazing, but real men do adore it. Especially lately when I go to a sex party, guys grab it, play with it, eager to suck it, then assume the position of a bottom, like I have for 80% of the 6 out of 7 years I've been sexually active. This past year (and especially the past 6 months), have been becoming more 50/50. So I'm less versatile bottom, and more strictly versatile. But actually since meeting Steve, while he's topped me way more than I've topped him, it's been 60/40 top's favor away from him. However, I've haven't had sex with him since my discovery of my slight growth in girth. So this is a secret between me and my readers, unless he's become a reader.

During my sexual encounters over the past 7 years, I have noticed that guys whose cocks aren't that thick or long usually are versatile bottoms or strictly bottoms. When I noticed this, I was at that point of being 80% bottom, so one part of my brain actually feared that if my cock didn't start poking some adult hole beside the grip of my left hand, then it was going to slowly but surely shrink. The other part of my brain said I was being foolish, to not be in a rush to top, and that it would happen in due time.

Well I guess my patience has paid off. But now, I can't fuck enough hole. Just about every guy I want to top me who has a nice ass, I often ask them if I can fuck their ass, even if for 1 minute. Just so my cock can experience the pleasure of that hole wrapped around it.

So what I'm wondering now is:
Is there some truth to my theory as to how this happened?
Do some guys' cocks really shrink, or not grow much due to lack of penetrating?
And has my sudden growth in number of encounters as a top led to a growth in the girth of my cock?

Hmmmm....I wonder.

But don't think I've lost my love for a hot guy's dick throbbing in my ass, OR my still unfulfilled desire to be double-penetrated. Well this Saturday is Valentine's Day. So----do a couple of hotties want to give me a temporarily wider asshole to match my wider cock as a Valentine's Day present?

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