Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The magazine SPANK is on my friends list at Facebook. I always try to venture to the blogs of people on my friends list, and one day I did the same with SPANK.

I went to their blog, and scrolled down the page and saw one blog post that was actually an ad calling for models for their release party of Issue 11 at The Hose bar in NYC on February 7th. I responded to the ad, and they said they wanted me. As you know of me by now, that I'm pretty much up for anything, plus I've done this before at The Erotic Art Fair in 2006, then again when Daniel Nardicio had life drawing sessions at his briefly held Sundays at The Bijou.

Now while the ad asked for the models to take off most or all of their clothes off, which choice do you think I'm most likely to make? AND should I make that choice, what do you think is going to happen if a cutey is nearby to motivate a reaction? EXACTLY!

So for that night, I'm hoping some hard wood is put to work by my fellow artists - as well as from myself.

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