Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prologue to "...His Own Worst Enemy: Racism"

Hi there,

I think I've given you enough consecutive sex tales that now it's time to get to some of the harsh realities we need to deal with in 2009. Such as racism amongst American gay males.

I recently read a profile on Manhunt from someone who disputed people saying "No Blacks or Asians" or any kind of pushing aside of a person of a specific ethnicity. He asked a very valid question that I've always had. That question being as to whether or not one feeling that way is really based on one's individual preference, or is it the influence of the nation or cultural sects rules dictating those sentiments.

Well, I agree with this gentleman in saying that it's the nation and cultural sects. I mean how many Whites go for a specific look in other Whites, or rarely go for other colors, and if they do, it's a specific look. With every look they're searching for being one that is propagated by the gay media, but rarely amounting to a relationship worth having.

And please don't think I'm unaware that non-Whites are guilty of this as well. It's just that they're not as dominating a force to be symbolic of gay media as Whites are.

The problem with all of this is that this needs to stop NOW if we are going to be truly unified and deserving of the rights that straight people take for granted. We need to take this newness of 2009, and make it the time to kick the individuality of our minds and tastes into high gear.

I hope you'll travel with me as I further explain this in my upcoming blog post intended to conclude my "Typical American Gay Male...His Own Worst Enemy" series about racism.

So please check out back here this Tuesday at 5:40 PM (EST). Thanks.

Tré Xavier

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