Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Urge 'N' My Ass - Again

Last Wednesday night, I decided to go to the bar, Urge here in New York City. Wednesday nights are called "Ass Wednesdays" because they have a contest where best ass wins $100. One week back in the spring of 2004, I actually won that contest. Now that I'm in porn, as much as I would like to enter for the hell of it, I avoid doing so because I feel that my being in porn makes me a bit of a "professional" at being seductive in showing it off, so I leave it to the patrons with hot asses who aren't in porn to have that fun now.

That night, I was standing at a table, and the drag queen hosting the contest, Rajene walked past me to go outside and smoke a cigarette. On the way back in, Rajene stopped and asked me if I wanted to enter the Ass Contest. At first, I said that I was thinking about it, but decided not to. Rajene tried coaxing me some more by telling me I was hot. Boy, doesn't flattery just sometimes start breaking your ironwill, which is why I started stammering in trying to say, "Well, I'm a bit of a professional".

Rajene asked, "Why, do you work here?"

I replied, "No, umm - I do gay porn."

Rajene said, "What's the problem with that? No one has to know your business."

So while trying to stand my ground and decline, I left it at saying, "I'll think about it."

Then as I stood there for a couple of minutes, I thought about it, and caved. I signed up for the Ass Contest.

When I initially signed up I was only the 3rd person to sign up with one of the others being an actual female. Then it quickly became 6 people with 2 of them being actual women. However, when it came time for the contest to begin. Only the original 3 that signed up, including myself and the actual woman, made their way to the stage.

When the 1st two were put against each other, the woman got no applause, while the other guy got it all, so the woman was quickly eliminated. Which surprised me, because usually as a gag, audiences in male-dominated gay bars let the female win. That left me and the other guy. When I was brought up to the stage, to my surprise, Rajene mentioned the fact that I was in porn. That seemed to get the small crowd there going. When we were put against each other, I got all the applause and the other guy got almost none. So while I won the $100, I was hoping that my win was really about my ass, and not the fact that it was a porn actor's ass.

After the contest, I hung around, and lusted after the go-go boys there like recent Next Magazine coverboy, Shay, tipping them just a tad of my winnings. Another go-go boy, a tall, bald, muscular Latino with just the kind of juicy ass I would love to grope while getting his dick repeatedly rammed into my ass, was really working his charm. He even asked me at one point, "So when are we making our porno together?"

If there was one grain of true sentiment in what he was saying, he has no idea how easily I would have obliged to give his big muscular self my ass to pound in a variety of positions - on and off-camera. So I just touched his skin and felt his muscular thighs to help in the fantasy I knew I was going to be beating my meat to in the very near future.

I have to say winning that $100 was a sign of good karma. You see, earlier in the evening I gave my friend Andrew $30 to tide him over because he left his bank card in his day-planner, and the day-planner was left at work. So I gave him the money to say THANKS for all the times he's offered to pay for rounds of drinks, before I could even offer to pay for one. What I got in return was karma giving me back the $30 and 2 1/3 times more on that very night. All brought on by the reunion of The Urge and my ass - again.

Just goes to show that you never know when and where karma is going to rear its head. Whether it's in bitch mode, or beautiful mode like it was last week.

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