Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year, New Cocksucker


Not you, me.

That's what I've been calling myself after the New Years I've had. And I'm not insulting myself when I say it.

Now I won't get into the all of the details of the debauchery directed at me caused by my walking around Daniel Nardicio's Masked Ball practically naked wearing only a mask I designed, then as an after-party, how I wound up in a 4-man orgy that included one of the uncut go-go boys from the party, and didn't get back home to The Bronx until it was nearing 7 PM. While my cock is getting hard just thinking about the asses I played with, cocks I saw filling willing holes, and balls I saw fill up and felt ready to shoot big loads - instead I want to tell the tale of how I've come to notice the bettering of my cocksucking skills over the course of these events.

When I walked into Daniel's party at about 11:30 PM, I at first wore my mask and boxer-briefs with plans to slip into my next to nothing outfit a little after midnight. The 1st thing I noticed were these 2 tall slim guys totally naked except for wearing mask. I though to myself, "Well, they're starting early."

Then I saw a short guy with a nice juicy ass and a tattoo on his right cheek also wearing only a mask. After seeing that, I bothered the clothescheck guy almost 5 minutes after checking my clothes to add my boxer-briefs what was already checked in. Leaving me wearing only the Vizeau underwear (if you can call them "underwear")that you see below, but in Black. From the looks of the clothescheck guy to the right, as thanks for putting up with me being an annoyance, maybe I should have given him a good rimming as a way of saying "Thanks". The question is who would have been more serviced, and therefore thankful - him or me?

Anyway, when I returned to the party with such a revealing outfit on, as I tried to make my way through the horny crowd, I got felt up by a variety of unseen hands. And this time, even though I was not "on the clock" as you could say (because I was a patron that night, and not a go-go boy), I actually didn't mind, because after seeing my 3 inspirers, the horndog that I am quickly started to surface.

As the night progressed, at some point or other, I did get a chance to get near my 3 inspiring bods. I only got to cop a feel of the short guy's juicy tattooed ass, but I was especially fond of the 2 tall slim guys. You see, I don't believe I've mentioned it before, but I have a thing for tall, slim guys. Not skinny, but slim. A circle of guys that included those 2 were fooling around, and as I always do, I stood on the outskirts hoping to get invited in. One of the guys named Nathan, did invite me in. He reached for me, and planted one on me. And the other guy reached for me as well. Then with my dick hard as a rock from being in the presence of 2 guys I lusted for since I first walked in the door, the other asked me something that floored me a bit. He asked, "Are you Tré Xavier?"

What shocked me was the fact that the last 2 times I was asked that question, it was a Black man asking it. While I'm aware that I have White readers, I was glad to see one in person who is willing to make their presence known.

I confirmed that he was right, and he complimented me on how good he finds it to be. Well, this was a case of how flattery will get you everywhere, because this hottie definitely bought himself some time alone with me for that compliment. I started sucking his cock to the point that he shot a nice big load. That load made clear of what motions certifies that you've hit the spot when sucking cock. If you make that muscle in a guy's cock contract in your mouth, usually from moving your tongue along the frenulum, THEN you are a bonafide cocksucker. And I made him do just that, then later on I had the pleasure of catching a moment alone with Nathan, and making him shoot his load as well.

That cocksucking was me using my mouth to fuck their cocks as compensation for the fact that I wanted them to fuck me in my ass soooo bad. Because while I have a thing for tall slim guys, I have yet to have the pleasure of one off-camera. I've had tall and athletic off-camera, and tall and skinny on-camera, but not tall and slim like these hotties.

Maybe there's some more fun soon to be had with these 2?

My cocksucking skills were also on display at my "after-party" for the Masked Ball. All I will say about the orgy was that I sucked off one of the guys so good that he said if I puts his cock in my ass, he would come as soon as he got inside me. Looking back, I should have let him do it. I would have had no problem letting him put on a condom, cum instantly with his cock throbbing in my ass, and stay there until it goes so flaccid with my asshole closing around it that it can't stay inside me anymore.

After all these reactions to my cocksucking, I've been wondering at exactly what point did I become that good. An even greater question is when did I start to like it so much? Because there was a time for me that blowjobs were a tedious task, and no matter how much I liked the guy, I couldn't be happier to be done with it. But that's not more story now. I still prefer receiving or giving a good fuck in the ass, but I don't mind a good taste of some clean, horny cock as an appetizer. So as the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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