Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sex Party Etiquette: Never Obsess

In past posts I have talked about the fun I've had at sex parties while learning new things about myself in the process. Well with a 3-day weekend approaching, that includes a possible trip to a sex party, I felt the need to remind guys of some rules of etiquette that some need to follow.

I mentioned in my last post about my going to NY Jock Party of how someone kept touching me even though I never responded. It happened again at my last visit. It may have been the same guy or someone who looked similar, but the behavior was the same. I was expecting Steve to show up, but during my wait, I did some fooling around with a few people. While I was fooling around with those people, EACH AND EVERY TIME he felt the need to touch me, and I never reciprocated. Not even by giving him so much as a smile. Then my friend Steve arrives, and while I was making out with Steve, this guy has to touch me. Steve fucks me, there are his hands on me AGAIN. Then while doing the after-sex make-out with Steve, AGAIN - this guy's fuckin' hands are on me. And everytime while I'm fooling around with someone else - ONCE THE FUCK AGAIN - guess what? Mr. Dumb-As-A-Bucket-Of-Rocks' hands are on me. This guy was the negative sterotype of a tall muscular guy - all brawn and no brains. I mean at what point does this retard learn that I AM NOT FUCKIN' INTERESTED?

Steve didn't notice the aggravation this guy was causing me at all. At one point he asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else. I responded to him with an emphatic, "YES!"

I told him how that guy was always touching on me, and Steve replied with a calm reassuring tone, "Hey, he likes you."

Steve didn't realize that I didn't need reassurance, but from this guy, I needed distance. So I told Steve, "No, you don't understand, he's been doing it since before you even got here. I can deal with 'like', but damn, that guy is obsessed. And it's not cute. It's fuckin' annoying."

At one point in the night I got to see this guy in the light, and he had a very nice body, and wasn't at all bad-looking. BUT as I thought back to his obsessive behavior towards me throughout the night, he became more and more ugly by the milli-second.

Another rule of etiquette that some people need to be reminded of is something I was reminded of in a recent blog post from my friend and fellow blogger In Bocca Di Lucas from the blog, Top To Bottom. He reminded us in that post of how some guys like to pull "the ol' shoving-my-head-into-their-crotch gesture, seeking oral satisfaction". And how unless you initally show that you like to be pushed around, that this gesture is a rude gesture.

I experienced this very recently at a Hot Jock Party. I was fooling around with one guy, then this other guy comes along with his hard-on and puts his dick in my face. I was so into the mode of being sexually insatiable that I didn't give the care I usually would of who it was. So actually, this guy got lucky to even pull that trick and get me to suck his dick at all.

This is where this bonafide so-half-assed-even-for-a-half-wit fucked himslef over royally.

Not only did he grab my head to try shoving his cock down my throat, but he grabbed me to make me devote more attnetion to him. This is the drawback to being a pornstar whose presence was not promoted at a sex party, because then you don't know if that behavior is because of that assinine assumption of "he's a pornstar, so he'll have sex with any of us without delay", or if that behavior is because the guy is simply a fuckheaded asshole because he oversteps his bounds often. I don't care which one it was in this case. Either way, I didn't appreciate it NOT ONE FUCKIN' BIT. And he got that shown to him every chance he tried approaching me thereafter.

I'm sitting on a bed and jerking my hard-on, and he stands in front of me with his big hard-on as if I'm just going to lovingly gag myself with it. - uh WRONG, MUTHA FUCKA!

He started out being a good-looking older guy who with proper conduct, could have stayed good-looking in my eyes, and got my tight hole wrapped around his thick dick. But instead of him - another tall, good-looking, older, hot-bodied, and better-mannered hottie got that pleasure. And his better manners helped him to maintain his good looks and add to his H.Q. (Hotness Quotient).

These obsessive behaviors make me wonder that while I know why I'm single, if these guys are also single, that it might be because of that obsessive and desperate behavior.

The bottom line of all this is to remind you that YOU MUST be ready to take "no" for an answer sometimes. No matter how great you think you look, or whether you think because your prospective hook-up is a Porn Actor that he/she will give it up without fuss, or because you believe that at a sex party "there is no such thing as 'no'", going to a sex party following any or all of these credos makes you an ugly and undesirable creature. You are not a man by any means behaving like this.

So respect others space, so you can demand the same in return. And if you're not desired right away, move on to another prospect. NEVER OBSESS.

Now go have some safe and sane fun fucking each other senseless.

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