Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Wolf Hudson's Challenge I Say....

Well, it has come to this. A heated online debate about "gay-for-pay" via comments on a popular gay porn news site - between 2 gay porn actors.

Commenting on a post at GayPornTimes.com, I found myself in a heated debate with Wolf Hudson over referring to gay-for-pay porn actors as "gay-for-pay bitches in self-denial". I don't regret this not one bit, because I haven't called them anything that I haven't called myself during my years of self-denial about my sexuality. Hence why I had suicidal thoughts all those years. Because that self-denial caused me to loathe myself immensely.

I was challenged by Wolf to bring this debate "from behind your computer". Now, if my comment was read fully (after all, it wasn't that long), the fact that I want that would have been known, and the macho facade put on by Wolf to make such a challenge would not have been necessary. I wrote it off as any psychologist would as over-compensating.

I am ready to make this a public debate for everyone in and out of the porn industry to see. I don't care who wants to defend this stupidity. I will rehash every fact I have mentioned in every blog I've written about this matter and then some. NO ONE WILL SELL ME ON THE RIDICULOUS NOTION THAT "GAY-FOR-PAY" IS OK. And I will hit them with enough facts that anyone who is secure enough with their homo- or bi-sexuality to deplore the "gay-for-pay" genre as I do, will not be swayed to embrace such foolishness.

So to Wolf Hudson's challenge I say - BRING IT ON!

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  1. The problem is that some of these "gay4pay" guys can't accurately define bisexuality. If you ask them, they define it as someone equally attracted to men as to women.

    However, that only describes a minor portion of bisexual people. Some bi men are romantically involved with women, but will have sexual relations with a man on occassion. This man may be 96% geared toward women, but that 4% still enjoys sex with men.

    The real reason why these guys won't identify as bi or gay is: 1) embarrassment of their life choices that led to porn; 2) misconceptions of what being bi or gay is; 3) they know that if you identify as straight, you will get paid more on a film (or as an escort); 4) they are scared to death; 5) they can justify their actions and deny who they are; 6) they don't want to suffer any harrassment for being bi or gay.

    We have all seen the supposed "gay for pay" porn stars who now identify as bi or gay: Barrett Long, Mason Wyler, Caeser and the list goes on. I'm sure there are plenty of former gay porn stars that identified as straight that are married to women, but still have sex with men or at least think about it.

    Many of them have sexual/emotional issues themselves. How many gay porn stars have been arrested for murder, rape and robbery recently?

  2. Well, Anonymous, their cowardice is disgusting, as was mine at one time when I was in self-denial. And what is more disgusting are the producers and directors who play pimp to these guys unresolved sexual identification issues. They are the negative stereotype of a porn producer and director.

    And as far as the sexual/emotional issues they may have. I've already cover this when I realized quite a while ago that practically all the gay porn stars that have been accused of a violent crime lately are gay4pay. See here:


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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