Sunday, October 26, 2008


In August of last year, I received an email asking me to be a part of a pornstar interview book. I was suspicious at first, but once the author revealed himself to be Owen Keehnen, author of pornstar interview books, STARZ and More STARZ, I was ready and willing to answer all questions. The name of the book is ULTIMATE STARZ, and after going to Owen Keehnen's website and seeing some of the way bigger names of other models interviewed, I am quite honored to have been asked.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my interview was edited (if at all), because if you've read any of my past interviews, you then know that I give very detailed answers, especially regarding certain issues. So my biggest concern is that those certain issues weren't dodged. I hope it was shown that while I greatly enjoy what I do, it could be if possible) multiple times more enjoyable if those factors that should and could easily undone, were undone.

I'm also looking forward to reading what some of the other models that I've lusted so long for have to say. I'm hoping they didn't show themselves to be as dumb as a bucket of rocks, or even dumber by letter a PR machine do all the work of answering Owen's questions. Instead, they made themselves a whole lot more sexy by showing there's a truly intellectual being within that gorgeous face and bod that I would love to kiss, grope, suck, and fuck.

ULTIMATE STARZ comes out on October 30, 2008 so you can order yours now at I'm sure you'll also soon be able to buy it from other gay book retailers as well. So ENJOY, and I hope I did you proud.

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