Monday, October 20, 2008

Tré Xavier: Escort?

It seems my titles regarding my experiences during this year's HustlaBall wind up with a question mark at the end. It's because the events I'm recalling initiate a question that you will get an answer to by the end. Such as how I made you wonder if I found HustlaBall to be a bust. Now, I'll make you wonder if this experience I'm about to recall has me considering becoming an escort. Well, you're about to find out.

I have often corrected the notion here that just because I do porn, that does not mean I am also an escort. They are 2 separate things. For one, as a porn actor, it is inevitable that there will be sex and it will be seen by the public, while as an escort, sex might be involved, and whether that sex is seen would be up to a client/escort agreement. I AM ONLY A PORN ACTOR, but the aforementioned misconception may have led to my getting a little experience as an escort.

While I was at HustlaBall, a gentleman approached me saying that he saw me at the Gay Erotic Expo, an he thought I was really cute. I thanked him for the compliment. He then asked me if I wanted to have some fun. I responded by telling him that the only fun I have is for free, and I don't get paid for it. And he wasn't a bad looking guy at all, so having fun was actually a possibility. This happened just as the VIP Lounge was starting to get jumping somewhat, so I was by means ready to distract myself with anything else, especially after paying for that VIP ticket. With that in mind, I told him that I may be interested later.

Later came sooner than I thought.

While I was talking to someone I only chatted with at Daniel Nardicio's Oktoberfist the night before, that same gentleman walked pass me. I greeted him with a smile as he passed by. The next thing I knew, while I was still chatting with the guy from Oktoberfist, the gentleman was coming over to me offering me a beer. He then whisked me off over near a small area on one side of the bar. We conversated with him asking me things about the porn business. I did allow him to feel me up to the point of giving me a hard-on. I know he wanted more, but I didn't allow it. He even wanted to give me a blowjob right there. But I stopped him because Daniel Nardicio was hosting the VIP Lounge, but I wasn't working it. So tonight, I might allow a patron to cop a feel of my cock, but not a taste.

He actually put money in my pocket for spending time with him. He gave me the option to leave, but since he really was a gentleman, I stayed with him a little longer before going back to the party. It was then that I caught up with Vin Nolan and Sergio Anthony.

Me and my friend Ben Marksman had a discussion about escorting, where we concluded as to how it's no different from any other profession out here. Because the bottom line is that as long as you are not compromising yourself, then you are fine doing what you do. So for I or anyone else to look down upon it is hypocritical. I enjoyed the pleasure I gave this gentleman by only being in his company, and I don't feel I compromised myself at all. Now while others would not have compromised themselves had they went any further than I did, I knew that I personally would have, hence why I can't be an escort. Therefore, while I am not a pornstar/escort as some assume are one and the same, I am just Tré Xavier - Porn Actor, and I'm content with that.

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