Saturday, October 18, 2008

HustlaBall, HustlaBomb?

I actually sprung for a VIP ticket to Hustlaball this year. Some of you may not know this, but I did throw my name into the hat to be a possible performer. So before some of you come back at me, I will admit that buy buying a ticket to Hustlaball, I broke my rule of how after numerous tries to be part one of a companies' entertainers, that if I'm not good enough to entertain for you, then my money is not good enough for you either. So why did I break that rule of mine, you ask?

For the experience of getting some idea of those with the connections or appeared to have garnered the credentials to get in for a discount or nothing at all. So I had to pay for a ticket with my own hard earned money to get a taste of what they experience.

The next question I'm sure many of you are asking is whether or not it was worth it. And the answer to that is sad to say only somewhat. I really wasn't that impressed. That's why while I did have my camera, there aren't more pictures from me to share. And just so you know, before I go any further, my sentiments are not because I'm feeling jilted. The proof is that some of the actual perfomers share my sentiments in how lacking this HustlaBall was. You see, this may seem strange, but if I'm not picked to be on the roster of performers, I want to envy the fact that I wasn't chosen. Because the envy lets me know I was overlooked for a production well done. But due to the lackluster feelings shared by some from both parts of the produciton, performers and patrons, I have no envy.

I actually feel that all I paid for was the VIP room entertainment, and even that fell short for me. Daniel Nardicio hosted the VIP room and the only dancers that maintain Daniel's reputation of sexual freedom were Myles (who I've danced with at Sugarland) and June from B.C. Productions' Chocolate Cream movies.
June is a new object of my lust.
And he has some idea of the lust bucket I am, because he saw my "being playful" and taking full advantage of the no clothing option at Daniel Nardicio's Oktoberfist the night before.

From what I've seen of him in his movies, he's a little big dicked-bottom. And while I constantly attest to not being a size queen, I do love big dicked-bottoms, so I can have this nice long schlong to play with while I'm giving him a primal fuck. I also love the fact that he's shorter me with a bigger cock than mine, just like Shorty J. in "The Interview". Shorty J. in case you didn't know is 5' 2" with a 9-incher, while I'm 5' 6' with about 8". And that being shorter than me while having a bigger cock makes me fantasize about June topping my ass me just like Shorty J did.

Maybe some dancer went as far as June and Myles after I walked away, but as long as I was there, and as cute as they were, it would have been better to see more guys being more risque. After all, this weekend was publicized as being so erotic with The Gay Erotic Expo and HustlaBall being on the same weekend. If may be because of the "hypocritical prudence stick in the ass" of New York legislation repressing sexuality that I spoke of in talking about the Erotic Expo, but it killed the fun I was expecting. I wasn't expecting the sexual madhouse Daniel Nardicio's parties usually create, but I was hoping to see something that a better amount more to the horniness I got from hanging with the likes of Ricky Sinz and Vinnie D'Angelo at the Expo.

Speaking of Ricky Sinz, I was in the area they used for smoking with Vin Nolan and Sergio Anthony, and Ricky Sinz came by. He had a hard-on, and he pulled it out to have that hot pink one-eyed monster peaking out of his underwear. We broke off into separate conversations after a couple of minutes. I later looked back at him, and saw his cock was still hard. NO, much to my chagrin, I didn't offer my ass and he fucked me so hard that my hole is still throbbing from his pounding, but I did reach over and feel it. It may not seem like much, but you must admit that it is better for your fantasy to touch it in some way than to just gawk at it and drool like a hungry dog.

Now speaking of the area used for smoking, it brought a bit more excitement to the evening. But not good excitement, because a fire broke out below that area. I went up there with Vin and Sergio, and we all including the couple of people already up there could smell fire. We were trying to figure out where it was coming from. Well THANKS to Vin, we found out where. The area's floor and walls are made of wood. Vin took his lighter and looked between the wall and floor, and looked below, and that's where we could see the fire. I saw it myself, and it wasn't small. In fact, the smoke got intense enough that after a couple of minutes of standing there, the smoke started hurting our eyes. For a time it seemed as if the party was over, because 2 fire trucks were called in, and the building was evacuated leaving some guys to go outside shirtless, and some performers to go outside in their underwear.
Although, some used the situation to be hams and use the fire truck as a backdrop.
Anyway, the party did resume, but after quite a few people left thinking that wasn't going to be the case. Especially with parts of the club closed off, such as the area where the shows were taking place.

With all that being said, do I feel that I will go next year. Most likely not, and that decision has nothing to do with the fire. It's because of everything I mentioned before. If I do attend, I will most definitely not be paying for a VIP ticket, because my only motivation will be to chill with friends of mine that might be there. So far that, I'll do what I did last year, and pay the general admission price. Because you know like they say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", while paying for a general admission ticket last year, I was happier with the end result. So this further solidifies the truth behind the saying of how you can't buy happiness.

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