Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Subway Cruisin'

Yesterday, I paid my Mom a visit in Brooklyn. I got off the C train at 59th Street to transfer to a D train. Not too long after I went across the platform to wait for a D train, I saw this cute guy wander over a few feet from where I was standing. He was a White guy, brown hair, seemed that if he didn't have an athletic build of any kind, he definitely wasn't fat. He also seemed to have a nice little butt on him. All that and he was short. Now for me to call someone short means that he was shorter than my being a short guy at 5' 6".

This guy's being short didn't lessen his being HOT not one bit. The 1st guy I dated after coming out was shorter than me. He was a Libra (who are about just as horny as Aries - paging Owen Hawk), and a slim Cuban who after the 2nd time we had sex, he came from me riding his dick claiming that I made him come so hard that I made his balls hurt. And I was his willing bottom each time he was willing to fuck me be it 2, 3, or 4 times a day. The only reason it wasn't 5, 6, or more is because he always filled a good portion of our days with riding around in his car going somewhere. And based on that and my other experiences with shorter guys as tops (like one of the sexy Swedes) , I've come to the conclusion that they can give you a ride on your ass that outdoes some taller guys you may be lusting after.

Anyway, I seem to be getting off the topic, but you can see where my head was going looking at this guy. And evidently by his actions so was his.

I noticed 2 things: (1) he was peeping at me, and (2)he was slowly making his way to get closer to me. I was standing with inches between me and a pilar, and he in between 2 pilars on the subway platform. The next thing I know, he's leaning on the pilar next to me. As he moved closer, I noticed something else - while I didn't get the exact color, he saw that he had some beautiful light eyes. I imagined the intensity that they must show when he's having sex.

I just realized that I'm assuming this guy was a top, when he may have very well have been a bottom willing to give his plump ass up to me, and I would have gladly accepted. I guess because he was more aggressive in pursuit of me makes me come to that conclusion. My shyness is what didn't allow me to be more aggressive in this situation just like in The Power of Attraction.

When a train had finaly arrived on that track, it turned out being an A train, while I needed a D. But my possible hookup got on board the A. I could have easily got on as well, and while the train ran express between 59th and 145th Street, me and this cutey could have conversated to decided what we wanted, be it an exchange of phone numbers, a date, or a hook-up. Just to be sure I'm wasn't being over-confident about him being into me, I looked back just before the traindoors closed. I looked him in the eye, and he gave me a sexy smirk, and I return the same. So that action confirmed that this sexy little number was into me.

Who knows what could have happened had I got on that train, or if fate put us on the same train? But that hottie sure peaked my interest with thoughts of "shoulda, woulda, coulda's". Maybe if there's another prospective suitor, I'll get up the nerve and it'll be a tale of "wanted it, took it, fucked it". Stay tuned.

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