Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The K Files: The Line Is Drawn

If you recall my previous post in this series, you know that I've had problems with my inept superiors at the firm with the initials KKLLP. There has been a significant turn in the situation, and I've made it more than obvious that I'm not taking any of this lying down.

I've have since been written up for excesssive absence and lateness. While I admit to my lateness, (1)my abscences have not been excessive, and (2)they have since implemented a new way of days you're allowed to take off called OLP, which were at first allowed to be taken whenever you want, as long as you don't exceed the number you are allowed in a clanedar year. They have since claimed that days must be acrued. Now, if the powers that be expect to be respected, shouldn't they make up their minds of how these things are to be handled.

They tried making me sign a paper about that meeting and I refused. My mangager and HR Director didn't speak to me for a while because of my refusal. Besides disagreeing with the claim that I had excessive abscences, another reason I refused was because of the way my records were retrieved. They were retrieved by way of my keycard. If they used that same method with other co-workers (one in particular within my department) they would be in even worst shape than me, because while I may come in late 15-20 minutes late on a bad day, this person comes in 15 -20 minutes late like it's their regular time. While I admit to my wrongdoing in being late, proper managerial practices is to look over all of your employees, and not pick and choose. Especially when I'm prone to being singled out because I'm the one who takes a stand when they want above average work performance, yet treat us as less than average existence at the firm.

After awhile, we she decided to speak to me again, the HR Director laid it on thick with her fake greeting every morning to say "Good morning". I'm sure she doesn't like me considering the fact that I threatened her in the past with the fact that our previous mananger was doing things that were borderline to harassment to me and my co-workers. She attempted to laugh in my face, but it's obvious she said something to him, because he didn't bother my-co-workers for a good while. You see, since he got away with it for so long thanks to HR's incompetence, that there's no way he would totally stop on his own unless he reitred or died, and he did the latter. I didn't wish him death, but I most definitely glad his being the racist waste of space that he was is gone from here.

On September 24th and 25th, the firm was holding seminars for all of the employees telling us what our rights are and who to go to in order to make a complaint. Some of he firm's employees at the time I attended were the Human Resources Deaprtment.

The speaker at the seminar was an attorney for the KKLLP. I was getting increasingly annoyed because she kept forcing the idea of going to "internal channels of command". If you read between the lines (as I always do) you know the reason why this speaker was stressing "internal channels" was because the moment a complaint goes to an outside channel like the EEOC, the person making the complaint stands to possibly take the firm down if those claims are proven valid.

So with my annoyance towards her lawyer jargin, I asked the question even though I pretty much knew the answer already. I said, "You said that if we have a complaint to go to our supervisor. If we feel we can't trust our supervisor, then go to our supervisor. And if we can't trust our supervisor, then go to Human Resources. Now, what if you don't trust your Human Resources department, then who do you go to?"

With that question, I heard a chorus of gasps from the other employees.

The speaker stumbled her words at first, because like I said, she was trying so hard to sell us on the idea of keeping the situation within the firm. But her response was that if you can't trust HR, then go to the managing partners. To that response, I still considered to be bullshit. The reason why lies in this question I asked myself:

Why would I trust even the managing partners when they ignorance allowed someone inept as this HR Director to be in power as long as she has, putting the firm in jeopardy of being sued and/or investigated because of her overstepping the boundaries of her position?

Like I said, I pretty much knew the answer to the question before hand. So why did I ask the question while also being fully aware that people from Human Resources were in the room?

Because I was drawing the line.
The line between my being real, and the HR Director (with the initials DR) being a complete phony. Since I'm on the side of being real, if I don't like you I have no desire to talk to you. Actually not even wanting to be cordial and say, "Hello". While the HR Director is on the side of being phony.

I said before that this firm has become a revolving door of attorneys and staff spinning out of control. One of my friends at work is so in denial he actual said that constant coming and goings is the nature of the business. But my common sense over my 6 years of being here as a Mail Clerk compared to his 3 as a Paralegal give me an inside track to be able to watch how often I have to take on a new name, or remove one from my memory. And for the last couple of years to have a rate of change that is off the meter, and to include partners leaving the firm, shows that there is a definite problem.

Maybe I'll be one of the next staff members to go out of that revolving door never to return. If so, I know better things await me, because there are things going on right now for me that I can't make a parade over just yet. And even if I fall on my face, at least I took a stand with my integrity as my weapon of choice. So with that in mind to that HR Director I say----

-----"Your move, Bitch! If you think you can make a move to break me, give it a try. But you're sure to fail at that just as you have at being a worthwhile existence of a human being."


  1. Wow you had a supervisor that actually died, were they old?

    How do you know they aren't talking to the other person who is more late than you?

    You seem to go out to clubs and bars a lot, plus porn aint cheap, not to mention rent, food, transportation, gym membership, etc.

    I can't afford nearly all of those things, so it's wise in this shaky economy to stick with a company that has given you six years with funds to do all that?


  2. Yes, that manager was old. He was a racist White man there for 47 years, which is back when the firm knew what a Black (or any minority) being an attorney was. With that racism in mind, he died of cancer, and while I didn't wish him death, I feel no grief about him being gone, and only a fool would miss such a trifling display of a human being.
    I am well aware that they didn't talk to my co-worker, because maybe you don't work in such an environment, but we are like fmaily. We share those details of when we get in trouble with the higher-ups, call their bluff or if we take it with any degree of seriousness, make fun of how full of shit they are.
    Please read carefully. I did state in the blog that I am in the process of having other options. Besides that fact, there is also the fact of my faith that God will provide for me a place where I won't compromise myself. Unfortunately, the end of your comment makes you out to be the very type of person who would have wanted to voice that sentiment I expressed at that seminar, but wouldn't have because you can beocme complacent wherever you are. My faith that God will provide for me makes me not live my life that way, which is why I take pleasure in all I do, and refuse to compromise that joy, especially for an industry like law, that I have little love for.


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