Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Expo's Back To SOME Exposin'

The 1st and last time I did the Gay Erotic Expo was in 2005 representing Tyson Cane videos. Since then I've had a number of people ask me in both 2006 and 2007, if I was going to be there or if Tyson Cane was doing anything. With the revelation of Tyson Cane true character coming to light, the latter was not of my concern. So my presence was solely based on me finding a quality company to be worthy of my representation.

I won't rehash that entire story. Just do a search here for "Knight Stick Films" and one or more of those entries will tell all.

I was at the Gay Erotic Expo this year at the booth for Max Scott Events. Being that his events like WOOF at View Bar and G.R.U.F.F. at The Eagle have pornstars from a variety of studios as guests, it makes sense why I was sharing a space with pornstars from other studios like Vin Nolan, Tony Serrano, Vinnie D'Angleo, Raging Stallion Lifetime Exclusive, Ricky Sinz, as well as go-go boys Torez, Julio and Ray, and my co-stars from "All Out Assault", Mike Dreyden and Jason Grey.

Let me breakdown my thoughts on the fellow partners in crime that I met for the 1st time by working with them at Max Scott's booth.

First, Vinnie D'Angelo was such a sweetheart. who has that kind of nice plump ass that I love to grope while getting mine pounded.

, whose explanation of my feelings about are going to be a bit verbose, because I have something to confess. That being how I didn't pay much attention while seeing him in movies like "Ink Storm" or "Hotter Than Hell". But after seeing him do his thing at G.R.U.F.F. at The Eagle, and standing right next to him and seeing that hot bod up close at The Gay Erotic Expo - let's just say if he was craving to release some tension by way of a fuck of savagery, I wouldn't object to being his prop for that release.

Tony Serrano, who is such a cute and sweet guy with 2 little dogs that everyone who came by our booth couldn't help but adore while lusting for him.

Julio and Ray, are two new go-go boys that Max Soctt hired. I saw them for the 1st time at G.R.U.F.F. the night before, but didn't meet them until the Expo. I seem to wind up in group sex scenarios on and off-camera, so to wind up being the 3rd wheel during the stage performance at the Expo was not a surprise. And considering how FUCKIN' HOT the 2 of them are, it was a more than welcomed surprise, because I was a lucky 3rd wheel.

I had alot of fun with these guys. They were all fun, and all professionals. Especially in dealing with something I found as the low point of Day 1. That being while most patrons were great, some came by asking me to take pictures of one of the other guys when they never acknowledged my presence there as being an entertainer as well. I understand not being your cup of tea, but I'm not there as a fellow patron or the hired help. After the 3rd time of this coming from some guy thinking he was Mario Van Peebles from the movie "Posse", I had my fill. I was going to do it at first, but whoever he wanted to take a picture of him with was busy talking to someone else. During that time, I decided enough of this shit, especially since this patron with the fuckfaced audacity to treat me like the help was Black himself. So I gave him back his camera and went back behind the booth.

Back to the fun.
To see the video I took of each performance, click on the pic of the performers. The sound isn't great at all. But that's not what you're concerned with most, are you?

I saw some GREAT entertainment there. Starting with Bobby Austin's boys from They're go-go boys from Montreal where they can perform nude. New York legislation needs to get that hypocritical prudence stick out of it's ass and start legalizing the same kind of performing here. That's why I like go-go dancing at Daniel Nardicio's parties. They're private parties where I can show my dick and be the raunchy little devil that I really am. No pretense required or admired.

Some talent there at the Expo, I've been lusting for a great deal. Such as Jake Cruise and his models, Jeremy Bilding, Zack Cook, and David Taylor. I can't tell you how many times I've beat my meat to the thought of being fucked by these guys. I was quite surprised to learn that I was thinking small. I'm referring to how big these guys actually are over me. You can see from the pic Jason Grey was kind enough to take of me with them, that I look like a midget standing next to these guys. BUT if I was thinking of them as not being that big in height, then I was most likely also wrong in thinking how big their cocks would be slipping and sliding in a willing mouth and ass like mine. There goes my imagination, running away with me again.

Anyway back in reality, I can't get over the boys from B.C. Productions. This is one ethnic company that I would like to give a whirl at working with. From their stage performance, these guys seems really into each other, instead of the interaction void of chemistry that I complained about in "Black Man Meet Black Man - Now Fuck!". I walked past their booth a couple of times, and make eye contact flirting with some of their models, and I got the same look from them this year that I got when I stopped by their booth last year as a patron. They looked at me as if the opportunity presents itself, my ass is in for a ram and pound session I won't soon forget. I did sent my pics, stats, and info to them, so you never know - that may be something you actually see sometime soon.

The one shortcoming to the event was how far we were allowed to go during the performances. While they were back from the boredom of the past 2 years, they were not back 100%. Even though it was a nice huge space, there wasn't any of the dicks out on stage to be sucked and rubbed against the ass like I experienced during my last appearance at the Expo. I don't know if this restraint was put into the effect by the venue, or the event organizers, but it's still causes the event to lose some of its appeal. It's an EROTIC Expo, so place my aforementioned statement about that "hypocritical prudence stick" here.

This Expo most definitely raised my adrenaline, and the horniness of me and the patrons. Hence why I was such a slut at Daniel Nardicio's Oktoberfist, which included me getting fucked by the guy from the fisting demonstration (among 2 other studs). He later offered to teach me how to take getting fisted, but I politely turned it down. Now with hotties like these lurking about, you can see how my ass was so hungry to have some stiff dicks hit the spot.

I will close by saving the best comment for last by saying that it was a great deal back from the sleep-fest many I spoke to found it to be for the past 2 years. Now, do I know if I'll be back next year? Only time will tell.


  1. I never said that those people didn't like me because I was Black. It could have been my build, or whatever. So to think that's the explanation when I never said such a things, shows you to have the typical black "chip-on-the-shoulder" reaction than me. So next time think before you speak so you don't show how much od an ass you are. You can think, can't you?
    Now, they didn't have to like me, but they should have respected my position as part of the entertainment, as I respected theirs as a patron whether they were a fan of mine or not. It's about mutual repsect. Which you obviously know nothing about. If you did, then you would have enough sense to not post a comment here, because by posting a comment you made it VERY clear that I am NOT a nobody. I am in fact very much a somebody, because why else would you feel so compelled to post a comment, an ignorant one, but still a comment.

  2. Sorry about that previous comment. I was at first about to delete naprem's comment because it took away from the fun of the post. I chose to leave it because considering how long that post is and how much fun details they are to take note of, for naprem to focus on that one thing and putting words into my mouth in the process, shows his being a wasted existence by way of highlighting the negative. So I left his comment to expose that.
    I also left the comment to expose how he must feel some degree of guilt, because he's one of those would treat the entertainers like the help OR he may be the Mario Van Peebles-wannabe I was speaking of in that post.

  3. @naprem,

    What planet are you living on? How long have you been living in New York? It's one of the most racist big cities in America.
    Not everything is about racism, you know, especially not in New York.

  4. naprem,

    Those people didn't notice an old washed up (age 40) snow queen like Tre. He is a nobody.

  5. Mario Cruz?

    Get real. Would Mario really disgrace his reputation by using hateful commentary on my blog, when he has no reason to considering the fact we have never spoken to each other?

    No, I'm sure of it. And if he did then I would give him the same advice I'm giving you:

    SEEK MENTAL HELP! You are a failure, and you failed my test. The test of obviously far from being a nobody I really am. If I really was a nobody, you wouldn't keep trying to post this same comment after I've deleted it so many times. If I really was a nobody, you would never venture to my blog again. But yet here you are again. Therefore, SEEK MENTAL HELP!


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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