Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting Out The Kinks: Fuck Me All Geared Up

It's been awhile since I did a post for my "Getting Out The Kinks" series. So with this weekend containing so much horniness, I decided why not share another kink of mine.

I've always had a fantasy about being fucked by a guy wearing part of his uniform or some of his gear. You know, like a hunky repairman wearing only his tool-belt,

or a cop wearing not much more than his holster since it most definitely makes a hot ass more of a target,

or a football player wearing his shoulder gear. Maybe with his cock sticking out of his jockstrap so the friction of that elastic rubbing against his dick and balls while he's fucking me will make him have give me a massive cumbath when he shoots his load.

I've had that kink for years. This is one kink I'm not sure I can explain, but I will try anyway. Even though the hard-on it gives me makes me care less as to whether you get it or not, especially since I don't care if I get it myself. The most I can gather is 2 things:
(1) It's a another form of my kink for guys wearing fitted shirts;

and (2) that uniform or gear is a sign of the adventure that must be performed while wearing that uniform or gear. And since I am enamoured by a man of action, it makes perfect sense to be drawn to the sight of the gear they must wear during that action.

Now, with all that being said, all I need is some guy(s) willing to wear their gear while giving me a fuck, I'll never forget. For this kink, I must say that as far as I can see, I'll be a total bottom to play out this fantasy.

So any of you hotties in uniform or gear wanna play? Make sure it's firm fit for a firm ride ;-)

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  1. I've been looking for nearby events/parties that support this 'kink'. I know this arena always brings out a stronger response in me and is connected to further sexual expression for me. (I also love watching men get dressed after sex.)

    Though these pictures are well-chosen and hot, I increasingly prefer seeing men having sex with each other, without doing the porn thing and taking off all the clothes to expose the skin/body. There is something more rushed, messy and personal about it that way.

    My desire was like this long ago, moreso now having watching oodles of porn. Will be curious to see how a live gaggle of men in partial/full gear/uniform/"male drag" works me.

    Thanks for blogging so candidly.


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