Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks4Giving Me The Nerve

I'm taking a couple days off writing my blog so I can enjoy and be the kinky guy that I am over the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend. A few places in NYC that I'm either considering or will definitely be attending are:

Wednesday: Daniel Nardicio's Horn O' Plenty (that's a definite. I'll be a patron taking advantage of the clothescheck option)
Thursday: Boys Gone Wild @ mr. Black (If I don't need to sleep off my full belly to gawk at their go-go boys)
Friday: Wishbone(r) @ The Eagle
Saturday: not completely sure, may make it a night of rest before -
- Sunday: Sperm @ The Cock

If you see me at any of these places, say "Hi", I don't bite - unless you want me to.

That freaky relief through my body and eyes will be just the relaxation I need before picking up from where I left off in writing my blog. Because right now, I'm working on is a 3-part series to show how the typical American gay male is his own worst enemy. And you can bet in my special brand of bluntness I will be putting some serious foot to ass by naming names of guilty parties from the 3 aspects I'll be listing.

Now, I hope all of you are aware of what you have to be thankful for. I for one am thankful for YOU.

I have been doing this blog for 3 years come January, and over that time, the responses I have gotten from fellow bloggers, people in the industry, as well as the general public is what gives me the nerve to take on the controversial subject matters that I take on. In fact, it's what keeps me taking on more issues that need to be addressed when no one else will, but should.

Your support means a great deal to me. Whether I agree with your view, or go on the attack with you because of my disagreeing with it, PLEASE BE AWARE that since I tend to touch on issues that are made hush-hush within the adult industry and gay culture in general, your point of view helps to start a much needed (for being long overdue) dialogue on those issues.

So with that in mind, I encourage you to stay SEXY by being yourself to be free. And be safe as you bask in your own lustin' season.

1 comment:

  1. Their is an intellectual/intelligent component to your blog site TreX; you do not fit the 'dumb bimbo with an cock strapped on' mold.

    Instead you show all over that you enjoy life, being around others, having fun, and most of all, delighting in the pleasures of orgasm.

    Their is no doubt that you have a lot of self confidence, yet whenever we have been in the same venues together, i have never seen you try to flaunt your ego or status.

    On the contrary you are extremely quiet, and one could easily say you are shy.

    But you are not; you are just comfortable with yourself, cute like hell, and could pass for a teenager, which is one of the attractions I have for you.


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