Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Internationally Googled

I've seen this happen before now it's happening again. Actually it has always been there, but not to this magnitude. I'm talking about checking the stats of my website and finding out the people coming to my site are from a variety of countries. Within the past few weeks alone, there have been Google searches leading to my site from the usuals of America and the U.K., then comes the occasional Australia and Canada, but the newbie countries to name are Spain, Senegal, and get this - homophobia-ridden Jamaica.

I may call Jamaica "homophobia-ridden", but while I'm not lying based on what I've overheard through the years from actual straight Jamaicans on their feelings towards gays, I do greatly appreciate the Jamaican fans I may have just like I appreciate my fans all over the globe.

When I do an appearance like at Will Clark's PORNO BINGO, I've recently come to realize that fans being all over the globe is probably why a select few come to actually see me. Maybe since I seem to be suddenly growing in popularity for some reason, that will change come November 19th.
From all my friends lists on MySpace, DList, and Facebook, as well as my Yahoo! group, I realize that my fanbase is spread out with some here and some there, both all over the country and all over the globe. I actually find that very flattering. I have a feeling some, but not all of the big name pornstars here in the US don't get as much recognition overseas. Porn actors of colors, however seem to be a different story. The bigger names in ethnic porn are all noticed. In fact, even I myself recently found someone from overseas recognizing me from my work with Pitbull Productions.

A perfect example of this is from FlavaWorks star, Breion Diamond. A few months ago, Breion told me about how he was amazed when he went to Paris, and a Parisian approached him fascinated, and calling him by name. Between that story, my story, and the success of Pitbull's "Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine" I have reason to believe that ethnic porn probably has a bigger following amongst European Whites than it does here with American Whites. The reasons why that is such a shame will be dealt with in an upcoming blog series.

Whether it's a shame or not, I can't express enough how appreciative I am to know that I have sparked an interest in people outside of the U.S. along with those fans I already have here. And they're not only going to my website, but making their way to this blog as well. I just hope that I can keep entertaining and educating you by what I do and say in movies, my appearances, and my words on this blog.

Thank you wholeheartedly and B.U2B. FREE,

P.S., To all those in the New York City area on November 19th, I hope to greet you all at Will Clark's Porno Bingo.

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