Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fucked Up & Fucked So

Here are a couple more pics from my appearance at Porno Bingo this past Wednesday night:

After Porno Bingo, my friend visiting from out of town introduced me to a friend he brought with him from Texas. From the moment I saw him, I wanted to have a roll in the hay with him. Especially since when I do an event where I get naked, and see a guy I'm attracted to, I get especially horny and any guy I see who is as gorgeous as this guy is someone I want to let get closer to that nakedness. Mind you, that horniness last beyond the time I put my clothes back on. It's with me until someone has gotten close to by making me go back to that nakedness and joining me, then we either do mutual masturbation or the two or more of us wind up fucking. Then I later found out, he did at one point did a jerk-off scene for a porno. I WANT THE NAME OF THAT MOVIE.

Now, I'll backtrack to how alcohol played into the story.
It finally happened to me. I got caught up in the way of how some people will be so busy talking that they forget how many drinks they had. And I had a few toooooo many, especially since all of them were Screwdrivers. It all started when I calmly excused myself to go to the bathroom. I got up from the bar stool quite easily, fully aware that I was going to throw up. Once I did, that's when I realized not only how drunk I was, but the fact that I was drunk at all. I do recall stopping to throw up about 4 or 5 times before we got to our destination. And once there, I remember just falling out onto the couch. So these were by no means my finest hours.

I was still sleeping off the drunken mess that I was the night before, then I felt someone touching me. Not just touching me, but feeling me up. And my psychic sense played a part here being that it may not let me know exactly who the person is right away, but it does enable me to know whether or not the person is in some degree familiar, as well as whether or not the person is someone I want near me at all. So my psychic sense basically makes a summarized character fingerprints of a person, instead of an unique one. So in this case, while I was horny from being stripped down in front of cuties the night before, if this was someone I didn't want, I would have automatically jumped up and had a fit.

It turned out being that there was no need for such a reaction.

The guy feeling me up was my friend's buddy. Knowing that, you are well aware that I was not complaining. In fact, while I was a little dazed at first, that touch started me on coming out of it. I came out of it even more when he started sucking my dick. However, I was still dazed enough to where I can't recall how my pants came totally off of me. Did I take them off when I got to where they were staying? Did my friend's buddy take them off? OR did we both take them off in the heat of passion?

I do recall after sucking my cock a bit, he got on top of me, and started taking his pants off. One regret is that I never saw his cock, but I did have the pleasure of feeling it hard up against my skin wanting to either enter me at any moment, or shoot a load from my cock throbbing inside of him. And I'm not making this up. He did mention the possibility of either me topping him, or him topping me. And the more this played out, the more sober I became. To the point that when he asked if I had a condom, I sprung off that sofa, and ran over to my coat in the dark, to pull one of my own ONE condoms. I gave it to him, and it was on.

Even with my tight hole, I was still dazed enough that his dick slipped into me with no problem. But if I remember correctly, his cock wasn't exactly thin. And how could I remember wrong when you consider the fact that he did do a porno. I remember everything from me telling him how I wanted this from the moment I laid eyes on him, to the feel of his nice smooth ass in my hands as he thrusted into me, to knowing that I couldn't be my loud self so I passionately whispered things like, "Yes, fuck me! Give me your cock! Give it to me!"

And gave it to me he did. Since he hadn't come for more than a week according to him, the condom has a nice load in it (yes, the sight of cum in a condom turns me on). That needed relief also made it end quickly, but I am by no means complaining, because it was sooooooooo fuckin' good. I guess you could say he fucked so good that he fucked me back to sobriety. No joke. I came out of my daze with not so much as a headache. Proof of that was how afterwards, we had a great conversation talking about our experiences in porn. I do however feel I was making up for lost time, because I was talking a lot .

I do feel bad as to how it ended. It turned out, my friend wasn't supposed to bring anyone back with him, so even though they were leaving in a few hours, they got kicked out earlier than expected. But my presence wasn't the only one that caused a problem. It turns out that because of my drunken state, I was totally unaware that my friend and his buddy not only brought me back with him, but someone else who was helping them take care of me as well. So it turned out being that action wasn't only taking place downstairs. It was taking place upstairs as well.

Once outside walking to the train station, I saw the name of a familiar street, Monmouth. I thought to myself, "there's a Monmouth Street in Manhattan?", then I answered my own question with a"no". You see, Monmouth Street is the street I lived on when I first moved to Jersey City. So yes, I was so plastered that another revelation came to light. I was back in Jersey.

The one thing that bothers me looking back on that night is how people get that drunk when they're by themselves. I never drink that much, when I'm out solo, even if I meet someone that night, I wouldn't drink that much, because there's no guarantee that new "friend" will be there to see you through you. So with that in mind, I sent my friend my deepest apologies for putting him in such a predicament. Being the sweetheart that he is, he replied telling me to not sweat it. But being the perfectionist that I am, I can't help but sweat it.

Hence why I'm telling this story is my flawed judgement. Because I believe in owning up to when you fuck up. Plus it beats any Perez Hilton-like fuckfaces to the punch from telling of my flawed judgement when they need to focus on their own.

So go out and have fun by being safe and sober. Because while getting fucked sober was a pleasure. Sobriety from start to finish would have made it even more fun.

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