Sunday, November 2, 2008

Will Clark's Contest Wants Your Best Jerk-Off Tale

There was a great contest in Will Clark's latest newsletter. He wants your best jerk-off stories.

I wanted to enter myself, but as you can see from my last post, with a 4 out of 5 star rating at, I've been deemed a bit of a professional at choking the chicken.

So since I'm disqualified, I'm passing on this good news to you. The contest details in the newsletter reads:

We're all anxious .. the Election on Tuesday has us running in circles - No on Prop 8 in California and Yes on 2 in Florida and deciding on a President and VP.. it's making usually normal people act pretty nutty... but you know what I like to do when I get over anxious? That's right, rub one out.

So, here's a limited time offer.. between now and 5 pm on November 5th go to and write your best JO story in the comments section of the blog at the top of the site and you could win four YES FOUR 1990s era reissues from Channel 1 Releasing featuring the hottest stars of the Clinton era. Fantasize about a time when we weren't embroiled in a never ending war, we had a surplus in the budget and well, interns were getting lucky in the Oval Office.

I'm the only judge in this competition .. so get me riled up and you've got yourself some FREE PORN!!

Sounds like a sweet deal to me. So what are you guys waiting for? -----


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