Sunday, November 9, 2008


I got a copy of ULTIMATE STARZ from STARbooks Press. STARbooks Press was kind enough to donate the entire STARZ series as part of the prize packages for my November 19th appearance at Will Clark's Porno Bingo. I plan on autographing the copy of ULTIMATE STARZ given to the winner of the gift bag from that round of Porno Bingo. With the beneficiary being BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance), it's my way to say "Thanks for your part of donating to a good cause".

I was very happy with how the interview turned out. In fact, I don't recall any editing, or (to be more exact) cutting out of what I had to say no matter how controversial it may have been in lighting a fire under some producers, directors, and maybe even fellow porn actors.

Sometimes I feel I made a big mistake in choosing a stage name that has me most likely to placed dead last if one chooses to call names in alphabetical order. For a moment, I felt the same way about ULTIMATE STARZ, but after careful thought, I see that thanks to the editing, you can say that I close the show. Not just because of my words, but even more so in my opinion, because of the photos of me they used. The 2 photos they used just happen to be photos that many seem to like, but it's where they put the 2nd photo that makes all the difference.

It's on the very last page of the interview. Me in all my rear raunchy glory. I won't give you a pic here. BUY THE BOOK, SEE THE PIC.

And get this, my Mom read the interview. I don't know how much she read, but she read enough. Including a quote they put in bold print where I talk about cock sizes by length and width. She thought my asshole must be stretched to an unhealthy degree because she mistakenly thought of "width" meaning inches from left to right of the cock, instead of "width" meaning inches around the cock (or it's more mathematic term, circumference) as we normally do when we speak of cock sizes.

Now, I'm not giving out any more details about myself or any of the hotties featured in the book. Therefore, if you want more info, you either have to buy your own, or come down to Porno Bingo and try winning it on November 19th.


  1. You're such a tease!!

    Props to your mama though, she really is open-minded.

  2. I don't think it's so much that she's open-minded. I think it's more that she wants to know what's going on with her child. If it was anybody else, she would look at that book, or even acknowledge its existence. Because actually, she's quite religious.

    When I came out to her,as well as when I told her that I did porn, my Mom told me that she loved me, even if she didn't approve of what I was doing, because I'm her son. She also said that since I'm an adult, whatever I do is not between me and her, it's between me and God. So it's a tale of a mother loving her son unconditionally.

    And while you call it lucky, I call it blessed that I still have her to that degree in my corner.


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