Saturday, November 1, 2008

Inspiring My Fire, 19 and Higher

When the video from the post "Scholar Meets Athlete" at Men Of Color Blog started playing, the second I saw that "" pop up on the screen, I had a flashback to all the times I given webcam shows during online chats. Most of them were while chatting on, and the reason the words "8teenboy" caused that flashback to those chats is because of the age of most of those guys I had those chats and gave those webcam shows to - not 18, but add 1.....and you get 19.

So I made this video as a THANKS to those horny 19 year-olds and all the sexy others I've had the pleasure of giving a webcam show to. Because they made me aim higher to please all of my fans. That's why be you a top or bottom, you'll should find a point in this video that should please you most, because I assume the positions to accommodate your preferred style.

So I hope you enjoy the video, and THANKS for your continued support.

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