Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Erotic Poetry: Lustin' Season

I seem to be getting alot of attention lately. I have prospects that I've met online, at bar night parties, and there's even a possibility of some on my day job. I started thinking, "What is going on here?" All of the sudden I have more sexual prospects now then I've ever had since my coming out about 6 1/2 years ago. Then again, I have been going out more than ever before, even to bars, which before was quite rare, but it's always for an event night. Maybe that's why my prospects have suddenly widened. Widened -just like my asshole from the big cocks I've been accommodating. Luckily, I do Kegels to keep my rep for having a tight hole.

Whenever something has a profound effect on me, if it doesn't become a regular blog post, it becomes lyrics instead. And this new found babe magnet I've seem to have become lately, definitely has had a profound effect on me, because I never expected this, nor am I letting it go to my head. It's just that my expressing its effect came with a sensual rhythm and erotic words. So I'm just safely having fun with it, and I hope you do too by way of these lyrics.

Lustin' Season

Is it the season
Sparking your fire
To give me some signs
I'm a new desire?
Has it been in you all along
Or am I misreading your eyes?
Then why the need to talk
Making idle chatter?
Is a part of you
Getting longer and fatter?
With every single word you speak
Do you hope one day to make me weak
And drop down on my knees?
Kneeling to worship yours
And bring you closer to cream
With senses tingling in some ways
You thought were only in dreams

I'm not so hot
That I'm the cat's meow
Yet many eyes on me
Seem on the prowl
So much attention is new to me
The sexual tension needs to be set free
So it's not just you
I'm feeling it, too
With such sexy prospects
Who will I choose
For a back and forth dance inside
Or flip the script for the hottest ride?
My loins throb to be satisfied
Whoever wins me
Better prepare to get wet
Time is running out to make a show
That we won't forget

My body's clock
It's tickin'
Just won't stop
Craving to tick as one with yours
Even if it's just
One night
It's for lust
Not love's plight
As long as we're both aware
We can be fully prepared

Let's go and bask in this lustin' season
And soothe that itch made by primal reason
Cause our bodies are cravin'
Some misbehavin'
Don't let the sun set on this time
That we have this fever to be in twined


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