Friday, May 2, 2008

New Lessons After The 3 - Part 1

In my post "3 Lessons For The Price Of 1", you might remember me mentioning the guy I was with that night. Well, after he took my phone number and a couple of in-depth conversations later, I left myself open to the possibility of things going further. He however, says he doesn't want to date a sex worker. I can respect that to a point coming from him.

I say "to a point" because it is a bit narrow-minded. His decision would not have disturbed me at all had he been some corporate professional with no past whatsoever in the adult industry. But that is not the case with him. Instead he has a past as both a go-go boy and an escort, which makes him a hypocrite as well. He should understand and practice that an individual should not be defined by their profession. Instead, unless one is something like a drug-dealer or assassin (paging Nickolay Petrov), we should allow the individual to give definition to the profession. That is what I tried to do with myself when I entered this business. Therefore, if he really took the time to realize who I am as an individual, he would realize I am someone in the adult industry that CANNOT by any means be generalized. The reasons I got in this industry, and the grounds on which I plan on exiting are not common by any means. And because of his past, he of all people should be first and foremost in taking note of one's individuality.

I do practice what I preach. While I have often stated a disdain for corporate America in general, that should by no means imply that I wouldn't give a man in the corporate world a chance. I have, and the reason it didn't work out had nothing to do with the things about Corporate America that I don't like. Which clearly shows there may be something about that individual that is so far from the general perception of a profession, that to pass them over may have me missing out on something great.

This may be where my Aries arrogance comes into play, but I feel that when I let someone into my space, to even give them the time of day, it's because they have an inner-light that I want to spend time in. The problem has been too often, (do I need to name names from past entries) that while we all have flaws, those people (such as this one) wind up exiled from my life because instead of their inner-light outshining the darkness of their flaws, the darkness of their flaws begins to eclipse their inner-light.

So while I said that I respect his feelings to a point, there were things he said when I tried to express my feelings (that I have every right to) about his decision in a mature manner that I don't respect at all, because they were expressed by him in a patronizing manner. A flawed manner that eclipsed whatever inner-light I initially saw in him that made me give him the time of day.

But you'll have to check back to get those details

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