Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Someone from my friends list at DList.com put out a bulletin asking if people wanted to join his team for this year's AIDS WALK New York. I gladly accepted his invitation, but I wasn't able to promote it until now. First a mishap in my place destroyed my computer, then just when I'm about to put the final touch on it, I wound up sick in the hospital for 2 weeks. So time has not been kind to me.

Well, they say "better late than never", so I would greatly appreciate you showing your support by going to my page at the AIDS WALK NY website, and making a donation. HIV and AIDS is a problem that effects us all whether we want to admit it or not, therefore it greatly needs to be eradicated. Since our government isn't doing enough, we private citizens must take matters into our own hands, and this is a way we can accomplish that. Join and walk, or donate on a walker's behalf. And if you choose to donate on a walker's behalf, please donate on mine.

I became a walker for the 1st time last year, and I now have a whole new respect for those who participate. That new brand of respect is what inspired this blog entry, and I hope it inspires you to take part in the war against HIV/AIDS. Thank you.

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  1. Hey Tre - I hope yesterday went well for you at the AIDS Walk. Ours here in Boston is the weekend after next and I'm captaining the ONE Condoms team. We've even got Davis Mallory from Real World fame coming out to join us. You should check out our site and condoms, we've been committed to helping stop the spread of STIs/HIV for 21 years as a company. www.onecondoms.com

    Let me know if I can send you some samples.


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