Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The K Files: Legal Report 5/9, 15

"When you don't have a leg to stand on, is trying to make a case out of something just some thing you and your people do, or is that just you."

Now, this statement is nothing new to me coming from the guys in the mailroom. They have said things to me in my 6 years of working at "K" that I could have filed a claim of defamation and/or harassment a long time ago.

Then you're probably asking, "Then why haven't you done it yet, and just waiting until now to consider doing something?"

I hope you understand this.

Most of these guys have that hip-hop mentality which is extreme on many wrong levels. Such as being very anti-gay with the words "fag" or "faggot" as a constant disrespectful reference (but not used directly at me), disrespectful to women with the word "bitch" used just to speak of women in general, as well as disrespectful to themselves with the word "nigga" to talk about themselves and each other.

With that mindset, you can't expect much. But I felt that while their usual way of life is to avoid gays, my coming out to them 3 years ago was a way for them to get an education as to how not all gays are whatever stereotype they believe in. For that statement to come out of the supervisor's mouth, it's clear that if he and my other co-workers haven't learned by now how to address me without making it as if everything I do is based on my sexuality, then they'll never learn. Furthermore, when a discussion of my sexuality comes up 99% of the time - they are the ones who bring it up. Not me.

On May 15th, I did bring the supervisor's poor conduct of that meeting and his bigoted remark to the attention of the manager. The manager's reply about the bigoted remark was not much to my liking. He seemed to try brushing it off and buttering me up by telling me how the supervisor has always had nothing but good things to say about me. My thoughts were (1) of course he does, because I do my job, and I do it phenomenally well AND (2) buttering up doesn't work on me because I don't share their void, so my ego has no need to be stroked especially by "K". Now, the manager never mentioned as to whether or not the supervisor would be spoken to about his remark like he would on his wrong conduct of that meeting. So that less than satisfactory response lead to another initial being revealed. In fact, I'll give you 3 because these initials are for a common term known by lawyers. So the firm will go from being referred to "K", to now being referred to as "KLLP".

I was deliberating as to whether or not to take this to Human Resources as well, but I decided to use Human Resources as my next step if such a thing happens again. And if Human Resources doesn't take some satisfactory action, them it will become a legal matter. With all that in mind, this blog may very well be serving as a my legal report, hence why the dates are so important to list.

I feel very empowered by taking just this small step in remedying this situation here. I always hoped it would never come near this, but lately the unprofessional-ism that goes along with that hip-hop mentality has become quite aggravating. It's a display that while I try my best to think of no one as being beneath me, their actions most definitely make them look that way. Therefore, a line must be drawn, and I'm starting to draw it here. If they don't know I'm drawing that line, then may the old adage of how "God takes care of fools and babies" be true because of the fools they are.

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