Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This Heart....One Of The Driven

Throughout history, anyone who takes a stand for what's right has been confronted with people who out of sheer envy, want to bring them down to being the lazy bystander that they are, or shut them up because by them taking that stand, one's dark-hearted motives can't prevail. This is how a great deal of my life has been, especially in recent years in the porn industry, as well as on my day job where you might think being something as simple as a Mail Clerk, I wouldn't have that issue.
And I am sure I am not alone. So for all those fighters for right out there. This poem is for you.
Keep fighting, and being one of the driven.

This Heart....One Of The Driven
Unable to handle the reality
The power that is me
My inner light burns and melts your eyes
Now your eyes are bloody rivers running down your face
The ugliness of envy and its disgrace
The saddest part is that doesn't have to be
I'll never claim to be perfection
Although I'll always try to come close
You damn yourself with your misconceptions
Making yourself a show of shows

Quick to name call someone "fag"
Yet you play bobble-head doll to the max
Hey, where's your voice when we need your noise?!
Leaving me, "the fag" to challenge the fools in charge
While you be the ghetto trash at large
Check your pants, I think your cowardice has shrunk your 2 boys
What is the purpose of your breathing
If it's just to be nigger-style wild
And what's the good of you producing children
If they're taught to repeat your jellyfish style

So many losing faith
So many losing their drive
And look at me in awe as I stand with pride
Don't be disillusioned, I had no easy climb
But since you're old enough to know envy's seed
Does no good in you or me
Yet you've let it plant in your soul
So my compassion has lost its hold
That's why I say -

You're so miserable
You're so pitiful
If you weren't such a sad tale
You would be laughable
You yearn to drag me down
To wear your inner-frown
Well, listen to how this heart pounds
As it shows how one of the driven sounds


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