Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The K Files: Legal Report 5/8, 9

I've finally had enough.

After my brief stay in the hospital, I came back to my day job less tolerant of all the political b.s. that has been going on there. Now, the last time I went anywhere near giving out the name of the law firm I work at, I simply gave the 1st initial "K". Well, I have decided that with each transgression by "K", I will give more initials. Since the firm within the past year has severely become a revolving door of attorneys and staff thanks to an inept administrative department and managing partners, they should hope it doesn't come to the point where I run out of initials and give their full name.

My now lower intolerance to the b.s. included within my own department of the mailroom. To the point that I will be using my entries labeled "The K Files" as a record of the events should such situations I present to you go further up K's ladder to the Human Resources Department. And if it needs to proceed further to a legal situation - so be it.

On May 8th, we had what they termed as a "staff meeting". I put "staff meeting" in quotes because it was poorly conducted. One of the topics brought up was lateness, which I openly admit to being guilty of. The supervisor conducting the meeting said these exact words, "I'm not going to name any name. You know who you are."

This is where a part of the "poorly conducted meeting" reveals itself.

The supervisor proceeds to pull out of a folder attendance sheets of all the guilty parties, and calls them out by name. Now anyone with any real knowledge of business etiquette knows that lateness is not a staff meeting issue, but an individual one and is supposed to be addressed with that individual in private. Which it was might I add, about 2 weeks before this meeting.

I brought this to the supervisor's attention stating that some of my co-workers' time was wasted. He immediately verbally attacked me, acting as if I was trying to hide the matter of my lateness. Why would I? I know it. They know it, because I'm honest enough to write down the time I walk in - YES, write in because we don't use time-clocks. And the busy-bodies who act like the very women and fags they talk down about know it by looking at other people's time. So why hide it?

My concern was not about me. Few people have my "say what you want about me, if it's true I don't give an fuck" attitude. My concern was for those who don't have that attitude. Those whose faith in their supervisors was trampled by the poor handling of that meeting. Enough of that has gone on, hence the revolving door of attorneys and staff. But since we now live in a time where people are so busy looking out for #1 that they're full of #2, the supervisor was unable to grasp why I was making that stand.

On the following day, May 9th, the supervisor made a statement to me that was improper whether it was said in private, or in front of most of the mailroom staff as it was. He said to me referring to the meeting of the previous day, "When you don't have a leg to stand on, is trying to make a case out of something just some thing you and your people do, or is that just you?"

Now, when I told my mom and friends about that statement, they all asked the same question. "What is 'you and your people'? Is that Black people, gay people, what?

And my clue to the answer is still the same - the supervisor is Black himself.

That's enough for today. But I will conclude this tomorrow in Legal Report 5/9, 15 with matters that have led to that, and the action I took and I may take after that statement.

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  1. Wow..sounds like a definite hostile working environment. I'm sorry to hear about all this, but you will come out on top! haha

    ~Eric Ryan


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