Monday, May 19, 2008

Atlantic City - BIG TIME Standouts

Atlantic City!

Can you imagine what that trip was like with all of Daniel Nardicio's friends from nightlife on that bus?

I'll put it in the way I do best - simple and blunt.

You would have found yourself laughing so hard, you might have wet your pants.

I first got to see Robbyne Kaamil in action when I attended an airing of DList Radio, so I knew that while she was helping to keep things organized, I was going to be howling laughing. And I have to tell you, she didn't disappoint. I thought I might sleep at some point during the bus ride, but I didn't sleep at all. I was waaaaayy too busy laughing.

Another thing that had me laughing was all the stares we were getting as we hit the casino. I don't see why? I mean did we really stand out? After all on a cool breezy day in Atlantic City, we had David Serrano in a mesh tank top and football pants, Violet Temper with leopard print coat and lavender-colored hair, Damon DeMarco in some short jogging shorts, and me as the only Black guy in the bunch just for starters.

Your Honor, I withdraw the question, because I just answered it myself. We stood out BIG TIME.

Now if it wasn't that observation or Robbyn Kammil keeping me in stitches, it was either my friend Ernie or Bianca Del Rio. I've seen Bianca's names various times in HX and Next Magazine here in New York, but I've never seen Bianca in action. And OH BOY, what have I been missing! If that sharp tongue wasn't whipping asses on the bus, it was whipping them during the show at West Side Bar. And everyone with a sense of humor had trouble keeping themselves composed just like I did. And this may come as ironic to some, but I felt more part of the fun thanks to Bianca. For instance, I knew quite a few people on the bus, but the ride helped me to get to know a few more. And although I never really spoke to Bianca on the bus, when I arrived at West Side Bar, Bianca greeted me with a smile and said, "What, you don't know anybody?", and gave me a hug 'Hello'. That was sweet.

Now it's been said that every road trip has a theme song. You know, that song you just can't get out of your head when you think of that day? Well, can someone explain to me why is the song I can't get out of my head from this road trip is Wendy Ho's "Bitch, I Stole Your Purse". It's so much in our heads that when we returned from Atlantic City, some of us went out to eat, and a couple of the guys were still singing that song.

I've heard her songs on various profiles on including Daniel Nardicio's himself, and they are so funny. I think with that and other song titles like "Fuck Me", volumes are spoken.

Other great talents on the road trip were Adam Joseph, who got the crowd going as he performed his hit "Faggoty Attention" and photographer Jeff Eason of And while sometimes when you put performers and audience members (like I was on this trip) in the same space like a bus, performers sometimes give off the impression as if it is a privilege for audience members to socialize with them. Well this is my BIG THANKS to all the performers on this road trip that such was not the case. I hung out with these people. We hit the casino, had drinks, hotel room hopped, and no one amongst us was made to feel inferior.

Of course, an outing with me is nothing without some odd occurrence happening. Me and my friend, Ernie got detained from leaving the West Side Bar. Don't worry, it wasn't for anything bad. As we were leaving, a guy who works at the bar came up to us and said, "Nope, you can't go anywhere. You have to show us your underwear."

A couple of the patrons near the bar made it very clear that they wanted us to comply. Me and Ernie looked at each other, and thought "hey, what the hell, why not" So we both gave them what they wanted and dropped trou. Then the exhibitionist in me decided to turn around to give them a peek at the ass as well. On that one, Ernie joined in at egging them on to want more. So thanks to him, I went from showing my ass in my black C-IN2 boxer briefs to showing off my bare ass. That made them get even more greedy to see more, so they turned their attention for Ernie to show his ass. After our "skivvies show", Ernie, myself, Bianca Del Rio, Damon DeMarco, and my roommate managed to fit in a cab, and went back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, we all got so silly. From David Serrano running up and down the hall with Bianca Del Rio's wig on, to all of us laughing so loud at each others' jokes that hotel personnel had to come and tell us to keep it down. Now as much as I try to present some decorum, and hope everyone around me does the same, I don't regret not one bit of it. This trip required us to have some lack of decorum in order for it to be a good time. And it most certainly was a good time. So to all those that bailed, or were apprehensive about going, your lost was our gain. Maybe you'll get to experience that fun next time.

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