Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Atlantic City , Here I Cum!

It may surprise you to learn that I have never been that far out of New York. I thought I would start traveling by way of working for studios out in California, but no one's been man enough to call except Doug Jeffries' people, and the timing was off for me. So I'm still a Northern East Coast dweller who grew up in Brooklyn, now live in Jersey City, and have never went away for a vacation. Well, I'm finally taking a step further out of the secure boundaries of the tri-state area -
- because I'm going to on Daniel Nardicio's Atlantic City Road Trip this weekend.

It may be in the state I reside for now, New Jersey, but it's far south within New Jersey that it's quite a travel for me to make for an overnight outing.

And I know - it's about damn time.

But hey, cut me some slack. I grew up a lower middle household where due to poor finances, traveling wasn't an option. When I told my friend Anthony my plans, he was in shock. He said that it was a big step for me. And he's right, it is a big step. A big step that I see as another move towards the life I always wanted, but due to conformity was never able to have.

Now, this is a trip with Daniel Nardicio, so no doubt I'll see some kind of kinky hijinks. Question is will I become a part of some kinky hijinks. I most likely will, but I don't know if I'll be willing to tell. Because I may treat Atlantic City with the same rules they have for the West's famous gambling town, Las Vegas - whatever happens in A.C., stays in A.C.

So - do you wanna come along?

Buy tickets for Nardicio's Great Atlantic City Roadtrip

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