Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shhhh....It's A Small Community

Within the past year, I've discovered that there is a moronic and spineless rule that it seems many follow in the gay porn industry.That rule being that since the gay porn community is a small community, if you're an actor with a gripe with someone, you don't publicly speak ill of them by naming names.

Such a thing was suggested of me when I told a friend I was going to blog about Tyson Cane's unprofessional behavior. For that same reason, some people came to me in shock because I wrote about Pierre Fitch's (a.k.a. Pierre Bitch's) racist tirade. And another friend's response to me addressing Michael Lucas' ego trip by him or his (at least at the time) revolving door of casting directors calling me into his offices 4 times over a 2 year span to no avail was, "You shouldn't alienate possible future employers."

My response was, "Hello! What part of '4 times in 2 years' do you not understand that you can't compute working for Michael Lucas is not going to happen?! "

I would like to know why does my naming names in these situations seem so odd. I could see if I have something to gain that's worthy of pride from association with any of them even though that is the kind of behavior they exhibit. But since that is not the case, I don't see the reason for the jaw-dropping because I'm not burning any necessary bridges. After all, this is the porn industry. Unless you have a mental defect, you will not find it a life or death need to be in it.

This worries me because I believe it is a clear sign of the weak-mindedness and conformity that is plaguing not just the gay porn community, but our society as a whole. In any industry, the reason racism, ego trips, and overall unprofessional behavior prevail is because so many weak people allow it to prevail by not speaking of its existence. Thereby making themselves nowhere near being part of the solution, but instead a HUGE part of the problem. We all should be in workplaces that if the plagues of racism and ego trips exist to a massive degree, then steps should be taken to have them eradicated. And the start of that eradication is by putting the word out of its existence and make it heard loud and clear that it is not worthy of tolerance. Loud and clear to the point that it breaks down the wall put up by those who are either guilty and/or in denial.

This is the reason I speak out on these issues. I feel the reason I stand alone in stating how I feel is because being that what is considered "mainstream porn" is dominated by Whites, they benefit from the racism, and due to a lack of humanity by way of selfishness, they won't publicly consider other races their brother in humanity and take a stand on their behalf. Plus, most actors of color don't have the support I have of fellow bloggers like Victor Hoff of Men Of Color Blog and
Ka-os to make their feelings known and help that knowledge spread.

Another reason I speak out on these issues, and am greatly disappointed by many who are in the position of speaking out and get well-received is because if no one says anything, changes don't take place. At no point in history has change come about by people just saying "Shhhh! Don't say anything is wrong".

If people lived by that mindset during slavery times, slavery would have never been abolished, the Civil Rights movement would have never taken place, and the movement for gays to be treated the same as straights would not have come as far as it has. This makes gays out to be hypocrites, because even while the gay community as a whole is considered small, so many within it are quick to shout how they want the right to marry, yet when it's time for that same small community to take a stand against racism, I find myself surrounded by a bunch of spineless beings who earn the derogatory term for gay men, "faggots".

So we need to open our mouths calling out the culprits who display racism, ego trips, and etc. not just for the sake of bettering the porn industry, but for the sake of bettering ourselves as human beings. And that goes for you, no matter what ethnicity, orientation, gender, or age you may be. I'll close by reiterating in saying - these plagues need to be eradicated - NOW!

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