Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fuck Me Teddy

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Now there are some like me who really don't give a fuck. And it's not out of cynicism, or envy because we're single. It's just the simple fact that we feel that if you need a person to create a special day to tell that special someone, "I love you", then you're just perpetraiting a fraud.

That doesn't change the fact that many will be getting laid on that day, and just because you're single, there's no reason for you not to be getting some yourself . Because while you may not be in love, I'm sure you are in lust with somebody. So why don't you give a gift to that person who makes your particular organ for sex crave a  physical connection.

And the perfect gift for that is Advice Diva Robbyne Kaamil's FUCK ME Teddy Bear.

Because as Robbyne advises her readers, “A closed mouth never gets fed”. So if you want your mouth filled with someone’s sweet meat you have to let them know you want it! Especially with males, because sometimes guys needs a little more than flirtation to get the hint. At that point, we have to spell it out for him, and I think this teddy bear does that quite nicely.

get your Fuck Me Teddy Bear today and let this cute little critter bring romance your way. It's $22.95 plus shipping and handling with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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