Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tré Xavier - F***ing By Request

I mentioned in the past that I like sex parties, because it is a pool of sexual energy that can contradict the repressive American attitudes towards sex (must I mention the American outcry over Janet Jackson's Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction or more recently, the American outcry over Adam Lambert's perfromance at The American Music Awards). However, in lieu of the lying hosts and bigoted patrons that I wrote about in my last post, I don't think I'll be seeing that pool of sexual energy as much as I would like to. So I have decided to give online hook-ups another try to get that thrill of seeing people willing to break free of that repression.

So far, I can't complain, because I've met guys willing to dive into that sexual pool of a sex party with me if a party I can recommend comes along. I've even came across one who made me explore a new fetish. Actually, he made me dive into the pool of a fetish pool that shall we say, in the past I have only "stuck my foot in the pool, but never fully dived in". that I came close to in the past, but this time I actually wound up going all the way.

I went on a website and got hit up by a profile with that pic on the right. How could I turn down the chance to get naked with that? Without reading his physical stats on his profile, I gathered that he was tall and slim - 2 things I mentioned having some weakness for. Then I noticed the roundness of that ass, and being the ass-man that I am, he was hitting all the right buttons in me before reading the email he sent, or reading the rest of his profile. When I did get to the profile, what made it official that I was going to reply was that on top of all that ----he was European-born. So while I already knew that American raicsm hadn't plaqued his mind, unless he had become officially Americanized, I didn't have to worry about that aforementioned sexual repression.

I looked at one of his pics, and noticed that it was from Raw Rider Studios. So before even asking, I knew I was dealing with a past or present porn actor, which makes his sexuality even further from the boring norm, because my experience with porn actors has been (myself included) that you can take the guy out of the exhibitionism of porn, but you rarely take the exhibitionist out of the guy. 

We made contact, and after a couple of failed attempts, we finally got together. I went to his place, and he opened the door, and with that tossled brown hair, he greeted me  like he had known me forever. He was in his underwear. After he closed the door, he walked pass me, and my eyes went immediately to look at the ass I had been lusting to plow my cock in or massage while being fucked. And the picture online did do him justice, for the view of the real thing covered in undies made me hunger to see it naked.

The unveiling didn't take long. We started making out and getting underessed in the living room. I figured my hands were still cold from just coming in from the winter cold, so I made out without touching him at first. I didn't take long before I felt my body warm up, and I felt confident that my hands followed suit.

We then went to his bedroom, laid on the bed, and made out some more. I loved the sight of his growing uncut cock. While his profile said "versatile bottom", I was hoping that night, that he was in more in the mood of being the "versatile" part of that label. And he was. I sucked on it for a bit, and got him rock hard. The next thing I knew, I was on my back watching him prep his big Polska kielbasa cock to slide back and forth inside my ass. I don't know how I do it, but I do have a history of making guys who are more of a bottom, use my ass as a way to explore "the top within". And practically none of them disappoint, which is why on my list of what traits makes a gay male the best in bed, being some degree of versatile is close to being #1.

Then it was my turn. My cock felt so good sliding in his ass when I had him in missionary. And to see that bubble butt bounce as I slammed into him doggy-style. And his ass was nice and wet from the sweat of his workout of pounding my ass.

We took a break, and he showed me some pics from his time in porn under the name, Tom D. He showed me a pic from his last movie, which was the movie from Raw Riders Studios, "Cum Dump Hotel". I saw him in an 5-man orgy scene in the trailer getting a cucumber put into his ass.
For a moment, I felt intimidate because I realized that the average thickness of my cock was following behind a massive cucumber. Well, that was only the beginning of what should have intimidated me. For I had no idea of what watching that cucumber enter his fine ass should have prepared my mind for doing next.

We went back to fucking with him topping me again, and me loving it. Then he stopped, laid down and took the WET lube I brought with me, and put it all over my right hand. I thought to myself in some degree of horror,and even more denial, "No, he is not preparing for what I think he's preparing me for. Is he preparing me to fist him?"

I came close to fisting before, but this time I went all the way. Every finger (including my thumb this time), my knuckles, and my entire right hand up to my wrist was inside Tom D's ass with the heat of him warming my fist. As I moved that fist around inside him, he moaned, and I was starting to worry until I realized that his moan was not one of pain, but one of pleasure. A few turns and moans more, and I took my fist out and watched his asshole close back up. I then noticed that my cock was rock-hard. What was odd about this is that I wasn't stroking myself. You see, I must confess to the fact that visual stimulation even as a teenager only made me semi-hard. I need a touch of some kind on my cock in order to achieve a full-blown erection. This time, that wasn't necessary. I was totally hard. And after 30-seconds of letting Tom D. catch his breath from me fisting him ----I fucked his ass like I was a savage beast. If you think "Tre Xavier with Lucky Irish" was good, I should have recorded me fucking Tom D. It would have definitely outdone that video.

Don't think that this arousing experience has made me feel much more comfortable with fisting. I still have yet to list "fisting" as something I'm into on any profile I have online. For now, I am keeping my fisting prowess not as something that I'll offer freely. Instead, I'm making my rule to only do fisting by request.

So now you know, the F-word in the title is not "fucking", but "fisting". Sorry for the tease, but it made you look, didn't it?

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