Monday, February 8, 2010

Brian Reed's "Through The Heart Of It All"

My post-porn life continues growing, as I will be one of the models featured in the exhibit, "Through The Heart Of It All" by artist Brian Reed.

As always, I jump into things trusting who I'm getting involved with, but not knowing fully of what I'm getting myself into. In this case, I couldn't help but trust Brian Reed because he is the one responsible for suggesting me to model for the final work in Zach Hyman's exhibit, "Decent Exposures". So when I read in a Facebook update that some of Brian's models had cancelled, I offered myself since felt I owed Brian one. After all, it was him who led me to those thrilling 30-seconds of modeling for Zach Hyman that contributed immensely to my decision to retire from porn.

While being naked is nothing new to me, the photoshoot required me and the other models to be in some make-up like you see in the poster. It's been quite a while since I had to sit in a make-up chair, so I was a bit out of practice in holding still without flinching when my eyes were being made up, even though the make-up artist said that I did great. And while there are more group shots, each model had some taken individually. So why don't you come see them for yourself when they are finally unveiled.

Also, since I will be at the opening reception, if you see me - say HI at....

February 18 - March 21
Opening Reception February 18th from 6 -8 PM
@Chair And The Maiden Gallery
19 Christopher Street
New York City 10004

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