Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Boring Oral

I've long ago said that I no longer buy American porn. Besides the blatant racism, there's another reason why. The fact is that the sex is just like most of the sex I have with White American males - boring as all hell because there's too much oral, and no enough actual fucking to make up for that looong oral session.

I've seen videos by Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Bel Ami and others like them with their mostly (if not all) White models who use this typical White American formula of long oral sessions, and I wonder who is dumb enough to pay for this bullshit month after month? Because whoever does, they are the very reason why I say people who actually buy American porn are slumming, and the type of people who will settle for anything. Think about it - while these pics may look hot, as males, when you're watching a 20-minute scene and realize that for close to 10 of those 20-minutes, a cock has yet to poke and ass or pussy, are you really get your money's worth?
Then again, when you decide to purchase racism, you should slum and take whatever is given to you.

And I know Bel Ami is not an American company, but their formula is so pathetically routine, it might as well be. Why else would they join with Corbin Fisher where the only difference between the 2 of them is one word - circumcision? Other than that, they like most White American companies still have the oral sessions that take so long that the scene's time is halfway done, and they're still doing oral. This makes me become the typical Black man and yell at the screen saying, "WILL YOU FUCK HIS ASS ALREADY!!!! There is no ORAL Kama Sutra. How many ways can you suck a dick, and lick an asshole?! NOT TOO MOTHER FUCKIN' MANY! Even if you do a standing 69, or a Spread Eagle, speed it the hell up, and GET TO THE FUCKIN'!!!!"

After all, that's what the dumb asses who pay for these videos are paying for - FUCKIN'. Yet they're dumb enough to settle for the boring lily white scenes given to them, instead of demanding "less suck, and more fuck for their buck". This is why I do illegal downloads of them instead. If they gave me a quality product, then I will buy it because I want the scene in its best quality. But since it's not a quality scene, why should I give a fuck? Because making me want to yell negativity at my screen to divert boredom and kill time until what's supposed to be the good stuff shows up is a definite sign a lousy porn.

Maybe technology has spoiled me, but I don't like having to fast forward for so long to get to the fucking. Just when I think I'm at the point I should be seeing a cock about to enter the ass, or already in it - Nope, keep going.

I stop again....Nope, keep going.

And I stop again....Nope, keep going.

At this point, I'm reminded of how they needed me in that scene to tell the guy doing the sucking:
"Look, I came here for a short, intense suck and a long, intense fuck. I did not come here for you to do vice versa of those adjectives. If you want to do that, then look up the homogenzed model roster of Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Bel Ami, and the like and pluck one their White robots out of the assembly line, wind their robotic asses up, and partake in your 'Boring Oral'. Thank you."

I'll explain the term, "Boring Oral" in a bit, but first, I must say that is a speech I've been wanting to tell so many White American males that I've been with in my experiences. For I feel this is a cultural thing, and I'm sure that it's mainly White Americans that are going to throw a fit about what I'm saying here. The fact is that the too-long-oral session is something I've experienced with White American males. Not all of the White Americans I've been with, but I must sadly say that of the many guys I've been with, I must say that of the guys who have given me "The Boring Oral", 90% are White American while the other 10% are non-American born, but they have become Americanized.

The reason I must call it "The Boring Oral" is because it's been so bad sometimes, that I've been given it to the point that I've started to fall asleep on the guy. And not only because he's been at it too long, but also because to add insult to injury----he's not that good at giving blowjobs in the 1st damn place.

Now with all that said, especially give out the name, The Boring Oral, you probably think I hate blowjobs. Not so. I love getting a blowjob----when the guy actually knows how to suck a dick, like I do when I give a blowjob. So I like blowjobs, when they are treated as a part of foreplay. What I HATE is oral sex, which can be considered another name for "The Boring Oral", as it's oral stimulation to replace actual sexual intercourse. I hate oral sex because for me, a blowjob is never intended to replace a good ass pounding, no matter which one of us is the top. That's why every guy I've every gave a blowjob to is someone I was hoping would say the word for us to go off and have a great fuck, or accept my invitation to do so.

In closing, before anyone is even dumb enough to try, le tme make clear that this is not a racist post about White Americans. For here I repeat, not all White American males are guilty of giving Boring Orals. Hence why I give every one a chance. A racist wouldn't even bother giving that chance. So my message to those who are guilty of giving The Boring Oral - get it fixed. Because I would like to put you in the running for something long term and not just a quick fix.



  2. If you can't put a name, then you're doing even more hiding, therefore YOU ARE DOING YOURSELF A DISSERVICE, because your lack of a name on a comment that challenges mine shows you knowing (consciously or subconsciously) that your comment has no relevance.

  3. See, adding a name doesn't reveal anymore about my identity than writing in as Anonymous does because you should be able to see an IP address anyway. Anyone can put anything there, which, imo, is why it's ridiculous to put so much focus on a name accompanying the comment rather than the content of the comment. Do you know how many historical great pieces of art, literature, and even songs are untitled and nameless?

    Furthermore, why do you feel that disagreeing with your opinion is a "challenge." We're not have a contest, a show strength or skill, merely an open display of opinions. To call it a challenge reeks of hostility.

  4. Anywho, different sexual strokes for different folks. What you consider boring oral may be the ultimate sexual experience to another. We get off to what we get off to. Finding a sexually compatible partner who's eager to engage in activities you find fulfilling is your prerogative. Ridiculing others' sexual activities because you find them boring is arrogant and narcissistic.

    You are under no obligation to watch Sean Cody/Corbin Fisher films. If you find the action and the models lacking diversity and boring and yet CONTINUE to watch the product then you are the not so bright person in the equation.

    In this day and age, there is something for everyone. Whatever those particular porn companies are not offering you someone else is.

  5. Knot,

    You are wasting space of people with an intellect, because I'm just skimming your comments because you are saying nothing of intellect. Who gives a fuck about your going to Duke?! You are still a racially insensitive asswipe whose life is worth nothing because of it, hence why you are trying so hard to plead your case on MY blog. So you are going to stop wasting my readers time, which is why your last 2 comments were deleted. If you are going to try and write a blog within my blog - MAKE SENSE AND STOP BEING A WHINY PRICK THROWING A TANTRUM. For I am not dumb enough to be your spouse, or unfortunate enough to be your child.


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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